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Avoidable Costs

Developers will often look for ways in which they can reduce construction costs during the building of new homes. This can lead them to choose cheaper insulants, such as mineral fibre, in an effort to save money.

We asked Currie & Brown to investigate the overall development costs of three different types of new build homes using either mineral fibre insulation or rigid thermoset insulation, in this case Kingspan Kooltherm K106 Cavity Board.

The resulting report – “Avoidable Costs – the impact of using Low Lambda Insulation on construction costs for homes with cavity walls” – demonstrates that in large & small detached houses, savings of £161 and £420 respectively can be made on the overall cost of development, if Kingspan Kooltherm K106 Cavity Board is used instead of mineral fibre insulation, providing the foundation width of the new home can be reduced to 600 mm.  

Avoidable Costs

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Avoidable Costs


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