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We all want to build safe and energy efficient buildings.  However, Fire testing, fire performance, reaction to fire - all of these terms -  can be confusing, especially when combined with regulation changes and updates.
To help, we have created a series of informative videos and blogs which explain the facts surrounding the fire performance and reaction properties of thermoset insulation materials.
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#FireSafetyMatters: articles and insight

Self-extinguishing Materials

In this video we will define the term self-extinguishing, discuss the characteristics you’d expect to see from a self-extinguishing material and look at video evidence to support this.

Reaction to Fire - Phenolic vs. Rock Mineral Fibre

In this video we use test standard ISO 11925-3 to compare the reaction to fire of a “combustible” phenolic insulation product vs. a “non-combustible” rock mineral fibre insulation product.

Kingspan Kooltherm Charring Demonstration

This video shows how Kingspan Kooltherm insulation chars when it is burnt and self-extinguishes when removed from a heat source. Find out more here: Why does phenolic insulation char and how does it benefit fire performance?.

The relative impacts on facade fire spread of different types of insulation & ACM.

This video illustrates, using ISO 13785-1 tests, that the impact of using PE cored ACMs has far greater impact on the cladding system performance than whether the insulation material used is combustible or not.

BS 8414 Test Method for Fire Performance of External Cladding Systems

BS 8414 is one of the world’s most onerous test standards.This video looks at what BS 8414 is and how materials are tested. Find out more here:

ISO 13785-1, Intermediate Scale Reaction to Fire Testing for Façade Systems

This video looks at what ISO 13785-1 is and how the materials involved are tested. Find out more in our blog here: 

What is the Euroclass System?

In this video we explain what the Euroclass system is and how it’s used to assess and classify construction products.

LPS 1181 - Insurer Approval Reaction to Fire Test

In this video we will look at what LPS 1181 is, including how the Garage Test works and what the difference is between LPS 1181 Part 1 & 2.

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