UKCA Mark and DOPs: Changes to product certification post-Brexit

25 May 2021 Kingspan Insulation UK

Since 1st January 2021, you may have noticed that UK Declaration of Performance (DoP) certificates have been added to Kingspan Insulation product pages and that some products now feature a UK Conformity Assessed mark (UKCA), in place of, or in some cases as well as, a CE Mark. 

What is the UKCA Mark? 
This new mark has been created following the UK’s departure from the European Union (EU). It shows that the product has been tested by a UK Market Conformity Assessment Body and shown to conform with relevant UK standards.

What is the difference between the UKCA Mark and the CE Mark?
The UKCA Mark requires a product to be assessed by a UK Approved Body, or a UK Technical Assessment Body against a UK designated standard or a designated UK Assessment Document and UK specific a Declaration of Performance (DoP) produced.

CE Marked products must be assessed/tested by an EU27 Notified Body, Notified Testing Body, or Technical Assessment Body and a EU specific Declaration of Performance (DoP) produced.

Where both the UKCA mark and CE mark are affixed to a product, these need valid Declarations of Performance that meet both the GB and EU CPR regimes’ requirements i.e. two Declarations of Performance for the same product.

It is no longer possible for UK Approved Bodies or UK Technical Assessment Bodies that were previously EU28 Notified Bodies, Notified Testing Bodies or EU Technical Assessment Bodies to carry out the assessments required for a CE Mark.

Up until 01st January 2023, UK conformity can continue to be attested using a CE mark supported by a Declaration of Performance, or it can instead be attested by using the new UKCA mark, supported by a Declaration of Performance.

From 01st January 2023, all construction products sold into England, Scotland and Wales must carry a UKCA mark and be supported by a Declaration of Performance.

What information is found in a UK Declaration of Performance?
At present, the information contained within a DoP in the UK is largely the same as that within a DoP in EU. This may change in time as new standards and legislation come into place.

A UK DoP should include information such as:

  • manufacturer name and address;
  • product identification (serial number, model, type identification);
  • a statement of compliance;
  • details of the UK approved Body; and
  • relevant legislation and standards which it complies with.

The DoP will also feature a unique code. This code can be matched with one under the UKCA label on the product to confirm it conforms.

Where will a UKCA Mark be used? 
During 2021, it will still be possible for products sold within England, Scotland or Wales to use a CE Mark in place of a UKCA mark.

During 2021 a product sold within these regions can choose to adopt the new UKCA mark.

From 1st Jan 2023, all construction products sold within these regions and covered by harmonised standards must hold a UKCA mark.

Where will a CE Mark be used?​
All construction products covered by a harmonised standard or European Technical Approval sold within Northern Ireland (NI) or into the EU must hold a CE Mark.

Whilst a UKNI Mark has been created by the UK Government for products sold in Northern Ireland,  it is not a compulsory requirement to use the UKNI mark and it is a requirement that any construction products using the UKNI marking must also carry CE marking.

Kingspan Insulation products sold within NI or into the EU market will simply feature a CE Mark for the purposes of conformity with European standards. Whilst the UKCA marking may also be found on products in these markets, the UKCA mark does not attest conformity with EU standards.

A reference guide to regional product marking has been provided by the Construction Leadership Council.

What about products that are marked against European Technical Approvals?
There has been some disruption for some products that previously attested conformity against a European Technical Approval (ETA). UK derived ETAs were removed from the European website as of 01st January this year and these withdrawn ETAs cannot be used for CE marking unless they are first transferred to and reissued by a EU27 based TAB. This is in hand for a number of approvals and once completed, affected products will again be able to show CE marking.

EU derived ETAs remain valid to allow CE marking for use in the UK and EU27.

The UK Government has assured industry that ETAs (European Technical Assessments) issued by a UK TAB (Technical Assessment Body) prior to the 31st December 2020 will continue to be valid, however these have not as yet been reissued as UK documents, nor appeared on a list of designated standards. The UK TABs are exploring adopting these ETAs to allow marking, subject to further discussions with EOTA.

As such, for some affected products, Kingspan Insulation has temporarily paused marking affected products. Hopefully this will be resolved fairly quickly.

Where can I find the DoPs for Kingspan Insulation products?​
The DoP certificates can be downloaded from the Certs & Specs section of Kingspan Insulation product pages.

These declarations will be updated over time in line with UKCA or EU requirements. To access earlier versions simply contact our Technical Department, stating which product DoP you require and the date you need it for.