We provide U-value calculations to show compliance with current Building Regulations / Standards and best practice. These can be supported with a detailed report.

The easiest way of getting a U-value calculation is by using our free online U-value Calculator. For more information, see our articles and how to videos below.

If you have a larger project, you can contact our experienced technical service department via the form here.

All of our U-value calculations, whether from the U-value Calculator or our technical service department, are approved under the BBA/TIMSA Scheme for Calculation Competency Part 1 - U value and condensation risk. As such, condensation risk analyses for individual elements, performed in accordance with BS 5250: 2006 and BS EN ISO 13788: 2002, are supplied free-of-charge alongside U-value calculations produced by our technical service department.

BBA TIMSA Certificate of Competency

U-value Calculator

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