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A superior thermal performance

We are delighted to offer our door component package THERMALsafe with an air leakage classification of Class 4* and a superior thermal performance – a U value allowing the possibility of a 22% thermal performance increase, the first time ever this value has been achieved for a sectional door. This solution also benefits from Kingspan FIREsafe® PIR Technology.

*Class 4 > 3m²/mh or air leakage via the door


A Kingspan door component package for your complete door

Highly conductive materials such as steel and aluminum are replaced by high-quality polythermalyne for profiles and kerosene fittings, greatly reducing thermal bridges (heat transfer). The lateral point is completely redesigned to minimize air leakage and reduce the thermal bridge on the frame of the door

Composants THERMALsafe

THERMALsafe Panel
THERMALsafe weatherseal
THERMALsafe bottom profile
THERMALsafe top and bottom profile
THERMALsafe endcaps
THERMALsafe panel_ joint details_FR

THERMALsafe panel

THERMALsafe panel foam technology ensures the lowest thermal conductivity value than of any other sectional door panel currently available on the market.
Thermal conductivity through the panel joint is reduced due to a duo-shell concept: the panel joints* have been designed to ensure a thermal breaking between the internal and external sheets of the panel.
A double seals system provides a perfect air-tightness the panel joints.
This duo-shell panel design together with a high-performing THERMALsafe insulation core (foam) gives an outstanding thermal performance to a sectional garage door.
All this achieved based on a panel of a standard thickness of 40 mm.
*For both panel types: the FINGERsafe and the Traditional.
THERMALsafe panel weatherseal with compression seal_placed on the vertical angle & THERMALSAFE endcap_FR-1

THERMALsafe weatherseal **

The weatherseal (side seal) placed on the vertical angles and the lintel eliminates the thermal bridging created by the contact with the building’s cold surfaces (wall, concrete, steel etc.).
The compression seal, placed into the weatherseal, improves air-tightness.

**The weatherseal has been developed together with the compression seal  but the two components are available as separate parts.
THERMALsafe bottom profile_option no panel cut_FR

THERMALsafe bottom profile

Placed at the base of the bottom panel, this THERMALsafe component eliminates cold bridging between the interior and exterior of the door. It is available in black polythermalyne.
A bottom seal to sild into the bottom profile, it greatly reduces air-permeability beneath the door.

THERMALsafe top and bottom profile_option with a panel cut_FR

THERMALsafe top and bottom profile

Placed at the bottom or at the top section of a door of which the bottom or top joint of the panel has been cut; this polythermalyne profile also eliminates cold bringing. THERMALsafe top and bottom profile is available in white or black finish.

THERMALsafe_ endcape4

THERMALsafe endcaps

THERMALsafe endcaps are placed to the left and right of each section of the door, eliminating the cold bridging between the internal and external side of the panel. They are available in white polythermalyne

Technical information

THERMALsafe door

With THERMALsafe you can have:

  • A sectional door with the best thermal performance (U value) 
  • A sectional door with the best airtightness classification
  • Major costs
  • Extra hardware
  • Difficult installation
  • Residentiel doors based on FINGERsafe 40mm panel, EasyClick 200 and EasyClick 70
  • Industrial doors based on FINGERsafe 40 mm panel for all types of openings  

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