Meet the team: Birger De Bree

23 October 2018 Kingspan Door Components
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It has been a little more than 2 months since our new General Manager took up his position with Kingspan Door Components. But who is Birger De Bree ?!

Tell us about your role at Kingspan Door Components?
I arrived at KDC in mid-July to take care of the day-to-day management of the company, with a focus on organization and business development.
As we know, KDC has made structural changes by adding additional lines and incorporating the Hoesch brand into our business. The mission is now clear: to regain stability and reliability, with a focus on service and value added by the customer.
We have re-defined our values ​​and what we stand for: we now come to the phase of putting theory into practice.

How long have you been in the Group?
I joined the Kingspan group nearly 4 years ago, in charge of customer service for Western Europe, based in France. We have created a Hub Service for the various brands of industrial panels (Kingspan & Isocab), which serves all customers of the European continent. Last year, I took a role in the insulation board division before transferring to Belgium this summer. The customer service experience is the basis of the change strategy in KDC now!

What do you like about Kingspan Group?
The Group invests heavily in its customers and employees. People have the opportunity to move forward and there is always room for human contact. The management line is short, which means that we are all at the level of personal names and that people can be easily joined. Even at the customer level, even an MD (at all levels) is accessible and focuses on our customers throughout their business. Kingspan is also known for supporting its customers in the most difficult times and never denies their responsibility.
As a group, we innovate each year at different levels. A new company joins our group, which creates new dynamics and opportunities! This story is not the end by far!