Meet the team: Andrew Franklin

6 December 2018 Kingspan Door Components
KDC meet the team: Andrew
When did you originally start with Kingspan?
I started with Kingspan in the Summer of 2000.

What was your first role?
Customer Service for the Insulated Panel team in Sherburn, starting with the UK but soon switching to European and ROW trade.

What positions have you held at Kingspan?
In Sherburn I was a Customer Service Supervisor. In Kingspan Leuze I was directly tasked with integrating Sherburn client base into the European supply model then I was focused directly on CSR and Logistics work for UK, Italy, Scandinavia, Eastern Europe, Iberia plus ROW clients.  Due to the nature of our small team that has more elements of Internals Sales or Logistics then you would find elsewhere in KIP Customer Service teams.

What is your new role?
I am now Assistant Purchasing Manager, occupied with Coil Management for the three state of the art Production lines installed over the last couple of years.

What will you miss most about your previous role?
I already miss the client base because after all these years clients feel like colleagues and eventually some even become family friends.  When many clients have been in contact with me for 10 years and others up to 17 years from my Sherburn days, it's not easy to let go and be repurposed to something new. The contacts on the Logistics side and the Containerisation knowledge has taken me a couple of decades to build up on International Trade if you consider the period just prior to Kingspan so for me it tugs on the heart to leave that behind.

What advice would you give to others who want to progress their career working Kingspan?
Kingspan is a rare enterprise in modern times, if you show aptitude to learn new things and have that team spirit of "no mountain is too big to move for clients", you will have the opportunity to do expansive roles or move around the business to try new things.  In the business climate of today often the scope within most people’s job role can limit or even worse, restrict their personal development because either they have too little impact on the business or they are in a constrained position where the opportunities within the same company for a fluid career path just do not exist.

What training/development/mentoring have you had during your career?
In this respect I consider myself blessed because I came into the business at the point where the UK & ROI + BENELUX & Germany was a tight and compact Management structure with so many names to mention it’s impossible to say here who invested time in me from Sherburn, Holywell and Kingscourt.  That said I give a special mention to Stephanie Pickmann formally the Customer Service Manager of Kingspan Germany who has worked alongside me now in Belgium for 13 years our Kingspan journey and contact almost stared together in the early 2000’s.  This make it the longest working relationship I have had, with her years of experience it is often the German calming the Englishman when his head has dropped and his chin needs lifting after a challenging day.
Although we learn new things every day I fondly remember the first decade as my golden years at Kingspan because we made time invest in people.  Now as part of our global family this edge I feared was lost, so I am happy to see the fantastic KLIX initiative taking us back to our roots in a new format for a digital age.
Now enough from me, I have coils to chase.