Industrial sliding doors

isomasters industrial sliding doors of the type of IPE - INE belong to the absolute top class amongst the sliding cold room doors and are particularly suitable for demanding and intensive use in the food processing industry.

The sliding door panel is solidly framed with a conical shaped frame in stainless steel which is absolute top in terms of protection and sustainability in the food industry.

Key benefits

  • Heavy sliding door for intensive industrial use
  • Stainless steel framed door panels
  • Possibility for up to 100 stainless steel finish
  • Industrial rail ALU250 or INOX Tube
  • Two-dimensional adjustable closure
  • Double sealing rubbers
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Industrial quality

For the selection of an IPE-INE sliding door and depending on the specific requirements that are imposed for use, one can choose from a range of door frames made from PVC, aluminium or INOX C - AISI 304 or 316. The sliding rail system that is applied for these industrial sliding doors is the heavy ALU250 rail or the fully closed stainless-steel tube rail, the INOX tube.

The sliding door panels are made by default in galvanised pre-lacquered steel and finished with Cleansafe 25 - RAL 9010. For use in aggressive environments, sustainable trims be chosen such as:  

  • CLEANsafe 55 – PET55 - RAL 9010
  • CLEANsafe inox 304 – line brushed or sun brushed
  • CLEANsafe inox 316 – sun brushed
  • CLEANsafe inox 304 – design linnen

In addition, there is an aesthetic colour palette available to give the door panels a special look, with panel coatings in HDP35 in which 10 different colours are available such as: RAL 9010 – 9002 – 1023 – 3000 – 5010 – 6010 – 9006 – 9007 – 7015 – 7016 and 9006.


Superinsulated QuadCore version


isomasters industrial sliding doors from the type-ZPE ZNE can be delivered with a super-insulating QuadCore insulation core that guarantees a 20% better insulating capacity of your sliding door and of which the door is made by default in the colour RAL 9010.

For cold sliding doors 80 mm thickness is applied and for frozen sliding doors 140 mm thickness is applied.

In view of the better U-values of this super insulation, isomasters have herewith the best insulating sliding doors out there on the market.

They are a perfect combination with our industrial QuadCore IND panels with which fire safe and super insulated industrial buildings are erected.

Automated solutions


Similar to the other isomasters sliding doors, IPE/INE doors can be automated. The automated sliding door with a ALU250 rail contains remotely controlled door leaf security. The automated versions guarantee a super quick and safe passage for optimal usage between work places and cold and freezer storage.

The automatic control is fitted by default with an electro-mechanical motor, pre-wired control box IP56, edge protection with ALU250, adjustable timer, control buttons inside and outside, adjustable opening and closing functions. All this can be further supplemented with mounting wiring, pull switches, various detection systems, remote controls, etc.


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