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MODULAR: ISO 06 – 08 – 10 – 14 – 18

The ISO storage rooms from the modular range offer a maximum thermal efficiency and optimum ease of installation for each Cold and frozen store. The panels are quickly available in expandable default modules of wall, ceiling and floor panels. The sandwich panels have a perfect closing tooth-groove connection that thanks to the foamed eccentric zip ties guarantees a fast installation without cold bridges. ISO storage rooms are also easy to dismantle and move.

The panels are available in different thicknesses for frozen and cold rooms: 60 - 80 - 100 - 140 - 180 mm.
For more information on options, accessories and prices, please contact us via the contact form or via your isomasters representative.

An extensive range of panels

The ISO panels range offers 5 different insulation thicknesses or panel types: ISO 60 – 80 - 100 - 140 - 180. They each have their specific U-insulation value, and are applicable and can be selected in accordance with the temperature you want to achieve in the cold or freezer storageroom. Of course, this is also linked with the local ambient temperature and humidity, in which the cold or freezer storageroom is fitted.

ISO storage rooms offer a guaranteed insulation capacity and a 100% thermal bridge free construction.
The wall and ceiling panels of the ISO range are made by default in pre-lacquered galvanised steel plate with a finish CleanSafe 25 µm in the colour white RAL 9010. They are also equipped with a removable protective film. Other coatings such as PET film 55 µm in colour RAL 9010 or stainless-steel plate CleanSafe INOX 304 or 316 are also available in different finishes. The ISO frozen and cold rooms can be supplied with floor panels in a variety of finishes according to the required load and application.

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Quick and simple to assemble

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The ISO range is quick and easy to assemble and to construct. The panels have a tooth-groove connection for tapered clamping and are finished on the outside with a seal band that covers and protects the insulating foam.

The panels are connected to each other with the help of a clever locking system in plastic which is applied to each panel during the manufacturing process. The locking system is operated via a M12 hexagon wrench and connects the panels firmly and super-quickly to each other by a unique twist and pull movement. Herewith a closed and vapour-tight connection is immediately obtained. The unique locking system is guaranteed thermal bridge free and stainless, and allows the storage rooms to be assembled super quickly. ISO storage rooms are herewith also easily expandable with modules and remain able to be dismantled in the future.

In the range, various floor-mounted profiles, corner connection profiles and partition wall profiles are available. These profiles are carried out in white PVC, injected with polyurethane insulation and provided with a groove system.

Doors range

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The doors for the ISO range are manufactured to the highest standards and are equipped with a foamed door frame that, in conjunction with the ISO-panels, is assembled together together super-quickly. The range consists of various types of insulated door systems such as:

  • Hinged cold room doors the type DE-DD, single or double-winged
  • Cold and frozen door hatches type PE-PD 
  • Business hinged doors type BE-BD, single or double-winged 
  • Light sliding cold room doors type EN 

Like the ISO panels, these isothermal doors are also carried out by default in CleanSafe 25 µm, white RAL 9010. Various other door trims are available such as PET film 55 µm- colour RAL 9010 or with stainless steel plate CLEANsafe INOX 304 of 316. There is also a wide range of options available for each door type.

Modular projects

ISO storage rooms are perfectly applicable and can be combined to build, for example, small and medium-sized kitchen fixtures, workshops for butcher shops and bakeries where various Cold roomrooms are fitted uniformly next to each other in a working area, supermarket installations, etc. 

Having regard to the modular nature of the ISO system, the cells can also be applied ideally to the construction of the fast cold and frozen tunnels. The extensive finishing possibilities provide a flexible solution for all applications in the food industry, retail, catering, catering companies and the pharmaceutical sector. According to the right choice from the various trims and finishes, the insulated ISO panels are perfectly resistant to moisture, mold and bacteria and they meet the highest requirements for food safety.

Do you wish more information about the possibilities with Modular ISO?

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