QuadCore® KS600-1000 Architectural Wall Panels

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Product Overview

  • 11 distinct profiles - KS600-1000 MR, EB, MM, CX,WV,PL, KS1000 LV, CW, TL, FL, FL-S 
  • Suitable both vertical and horizontal applications
  • Available in Kingspan XL Forte and Kingspan Spectrum, Download a copy of the coating selector here
  • Lengths from 1.8m up to 17m
  • Spanning capability - Longspan - up to 8.2m, frame to frame
  • Cover width - from 600mm to 1000mm
  • Factory supplied weather seal
  • Offers a BR 135 solution tested to BS 8414
  • Insurer approved to FM and LPCB standards
  • Fire-resistant applications available

The Kingspan Architectural Wall Panels and Longspan (same profile as AWP, but with a greater spanning capability) are secret fix wall panel systems that offer unprecedented freedom of design and top-of-the-range performance to architects.

The Products come in 11 distinct profiles, allowing architects to look beyond traditional insulated panel designs to create buildings with more inspiring facades within the same cost bracket.

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BS 8414 tested system

QuadCore™ Architectural Wall Panels offer a BS 8414 tested solution that has passed the requirements of BR 135

Tested specification

Substrate: Lightweight steel frame

Insulation: 70mm Kingspan AWP QuadCore® insulation core

Fire breaks / Cavity barriers: No cavity barriers used

Classification Report BR 135: 2013 Annex B - P107923-1001 - download here
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Technical Information

Installation Guides
CAD Details
Product Data Sheet
Technical Service
QuadCore® Product Pack
Environmental Product Declaration (EPD)

Kingspan Architectural Wall Panel Installation Guide Horizontal

Kingspan Architectural Wall Panel Installation Guide Vertical

Kingspan Architectural Wall Panel Horizontal CAD DWG

Kingspan Architectural Wall Panel Horizontal CAD PDF

Kingspan Architectural Wall Panel Vertical CAD DWG

Kingspan Architectural Wall Panel Vertical CAD PDF

QuadCore™ AWP Architectural Insulated Wall Panel Product Data Sheet


Reaction to Fire

  • Classified B-s1,d0 according to the European Reaction to Fire classification system (Euroclasses) EN 13501–1:2007+A1:2009
Fire Resistance
  • Up to 4 hours integrity and 30 minutes insulation in both vertical and horizontal applications
Insurer Approvals
  • LPS 1181 Part 1: Issue 1, series of fire growth tests for LPCB approval and is certified to LPS 1181 Grade EXT-B.
  • FM 4880 Class 1 fire classification, unlimited height*
  • FM 4881
  • FM 4882
*FM approval to 900mm & 1000mm cover widths only


BIM Store

Click here to visit the BIM Store to download the BIM files for the Architectural Wall Panels.

KS600-1000 Architectural Wall Panels BIM File

Kingspan Architectural Wall Panel Vertical NBS

Kingspan Architectural Wall Panel Horizontal NBS

Technical Services

Visit our service hub to find out more about the technical design services and fast track calculations that are available from our technical experts.

Kingspan Architectural Wall Panel QuadCore™ Specification Product Pack

KIP QC KS1000 AWP EPD Environmental Product Declaration 000178

Environmental Product Declaration

QuadCore® Dimensions, Weight & Thermal Performance

Core Thickness (mm) 45 54 60 70 74 80 88 100 120 140 150
U-Value (W/m²K)* 0.46 0.35 0.32 0.27 0.25 0.23 0.21 0.19 0.15 0.13 0.12
Weight kg/m² 0.5/0.4 Steel* 9.7 10.1 10.3 10.7 10.9 11.1 11.4 11.9 12.7 13.5 13.9
KS1000 CW U-value (W/m²K) 0.39 0.32 0.28 0.24 0.23 0.21 0.19 0.17 0.14 0.12    -
KS1000 CW Weight kg/m² 11.8 12.2 12.4 12.8 13.0 13.2 13.6 14.0 14.8 15.6    -
KS1000 LV U-value (W/m²K) 0.43 0.35 0.31 0.27 0.25 0.23 0.21 0.18 0.15 0.13 0.12
KS1000 LV Weight kg/m² 12.4 12.8 13.0 13.4 13.6 13.8 14.2 14.6 15.4 16.2 16.6
The AWP range has a Thermal Transmittance (U value), Calculated using the method required by
the Building Regulations Part L2 (England & Wales) and Building Standards 6 (Scotland).
* Excluding Curvewall and Louvre. These profiles are listed separately above 

Kingspan Insulated Panel Systems AWP Wall Product Render Image


Kingspan Architectural Wall Micro Rib Trapezoidal Roof Trapezoidal Wall GAZELEY RDC FOR WAITROSE MILTON KEYNES UK Image

System Accessories & Services

For 50 years, Kingspan insulated panel technology has led the industry in thermal-efficiency, fire safety and lifetime durability.

Today, Kingspan also offers enormous aesthetic flexibility with a vast range of insulated panel profiles supported by state-of-the-art specialist fabrications. Together with advanced daylighting and integrated rooftop solar PV, this enables Kingspan to deliver the complete envelope solution.

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