QuadCore Assured System Warranty

QuadCore Assured System Warranty

Our QuadCore Assured System Warranty gives you one warranty from one manufacturer for your complete insurer approved QuadCore system. It includes an unequivocal warranty for system U-value performance for the duration of the stated warranty period.

Complete System Protection

Detailed performance information for each of the below products can be found in the relevant product data sheets. 

For FM approved specifications please contact our technical team.
  Warranty Term Thermal Performance Structural
Electrical Output Coating

Product will perform up to the specified period below

Product will retain U-value for warranty lifetime

Product will retain structural properties for warranty lifetime 

Product will retain electrical linear output for warranty lifetime

Coating will remain resistant to environment for a specificed period, depending on specification and application

QuadCore Insulated Panel up to 25 years*
N/A Yes
Panel Coating up to 40 years
N/A Yes
Daylighting up to 25 years Yes Yes N/A
Insulated Gutters up to 25 years Yes Yes N/A N/A
Fabrications up to 25 years N/A Yes N/A Yes
Rooftop Solar PV up to 25 years N/A Yes Yes N/A
Secondary Steel up to 25 years N/A Yes N/A N/A
Fall Protection Systems up to 25 years N/A Yes N/A N/A
Access Hatches up to 25 years N/A Yes N/A N/A
Smoke Ventilation up to 25 years N/A Yes N/A N/A
Topdek Flat Roof System Membrane* up to 25 years        
* The membrane used on QuadCore® Topdek and Membrane Lined Insulated Gutters can achieve up to 25 years guarantee. ** Jones & Woolman offer a 40 year warranty.To fulfill a QuadCore® Assured System Warranty, the following products are not mandatory: purlins, rails and structural ancillaries, fall protection systems, roof access hatches, smoke ventilation and Kingspan protection systems (rails, posts, barriers, etc.).1 Systems eligible for the QuadCore® Assured System Warranty must utilise third party fixings, fasteners and sealants from approved suppliers and will be covered by this warranty for their specified performance up to 40 years. 2 All warranties are subject to compliance with Kingspan technical guidance. Detailed performance and technical information for each of the above products can be found in the relevant product data sheets and installation guides. Please visit our website or contact our technical services team for more information.Please note that the Kingspan QuadCore® Assured Warranty is subject to annual inspection and maintenance. For full Terms & Conditions, please contact your sales manager.
For your QuadCore System Warranty:
  • Confirm that the products have been installed as per Kingspan recommended technical details and specification
  • Confirm that the 3rd party ancillaries conform with the recommendations of our System Specifications and were procured from the following approved suppliers

Our recommended suppliers

As part of our system offering, we are supported by some of the most respected names in the industry, equipped to complete your building with compatible components and ancillaries for a high-performanace Kingspan system that delivers lasting results. 
Ejot  www.ejot.co.uk
SFS www.sfsintec.co.uk 
Fixfast www.fixfast.com 
IKO Polymeric www.ikopolymeric.com
Sika-Trocal gbr.sika-trocal.sika.com
Jones and Woolman www.jandwuk.com
Profiled Fillers & Sealants  
Premseal www.premseal.co.uk

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System Warranty

QuadCore Assured System Warranty Application


QuadCore Assured Warranty Brochure

QuadCore Assured Warranty Brochure