iQ Panel Warranty

iQ Panel Warranty

Our iQ Panel Warranty is a comprehensive insulated panel and coating warranty delivering industry leading performance for up to 40 years for your insurer approved QuadCore insulated panel.

Panel Performance

Detailed performance information for each of the below products can be found in the relevant product data sheets.
  Warranty Term Thermal Structural Coating
  Product will perform up to the specified period below. Product will retain specified thermal performance for warranty lifetime. Product will retain structural properties for warranty lifetime. Coating will remain resistant to environment for a specified period, depending on specification and application.
QuadCore Insulated Panel up to 40 years Yes Yes N/A
Panel Coating up to 40 years N/A N/A Yes
Kingspan Colour & Coating Brochure 2019

Please refer to our Colour & Coatings guide for more information.

  • Warranty must be applied for within six months of final product delivery to site
  • Warranty transferable with change of ownership

Application Form

iQ Panel Warranty

iQ QuadCore Panel Warranty Application


iQ QuadCore Warranties Overview Brochure

iQ Warranties Overview Brochure