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The pre-engineered, single component panel reduces construction time and requires less labour. Learn more below..

Case study: Installer FK Group

Case study: Ready, steady, build!

Installer FK Group was tasked with constructing the external envelope of the building with an ambitious deadline. The rapid build times associated with Kingspan insulated panel systems meant that the 87,000m² roof was completed in just nine weeks. It features a Kingspan single-component system, which consists of 72,000m² of Trapezoidal Roof panels in Kingspan XL Forté White and 15% roof lights to maximise natural light in the building. 

Case study: Installer FK Group
How can you build 50% quicker?

How can you build 50% quicker?

With a team of three people, insulated panels can be installed at a rate of 150m2 per day, including joint covers and accessories. A built-up system can be installed at a rate of 350m2 per day for the internal liner, and 80m2 per day for the insulation and external sheet. The result was an installation that took 14 days to complete using insulated panels, compared to 31 days for the built-up system – more than 50% quicker.

How can you build 50% quicker?

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