Less fixings save time & money

Less fixings
save time
& money

Less fixing save time and money!

Did you know that with QuadCore® Insulated Panels you can reduce the number of fixings during your install? Want to know more? Continue below...
Less Fixings

Up to 24% less fixings

For a building of 12m ridge to eaves with 12m long panels with purlins every 2m (a total of 6 purlins and 7 supports) we estimate the need for 3 fasteners (following fastener calculation) at panel ends and two at intermediates based on panel & site specific wind loads.

With Quadcore® Insulated Panels you have 2 supports with 3 fasteners and 5 supports with 2 fasteners = 16 fasteners per panel. For a building of 100m long that equals 16 (fasteners) x 100m (length) x 2 (two slopes) = 3200 fasteners

With PIR Insulated Panels you have 3 fasteners at intermediates to comply with LPCB regardless of fastener calculation. Therefore the following would apply: 7 supports with 3 fastener = 21. For a building of 100m long, that is 21 (fasteners) x 100m (length) x 2 (slopes)= 4200 fasteners

A saving of 1000 fasteners or 24% reduction through the use of Quadcore® due to its stability in the LPCB fire test.
Less Fixings_ Gazeley Case study

Case study: Ready, steady, build!

Installer FK Group was tasked with constructing the external envelope of the building with an ambitious deadline. The rapid build times associated with Kingspan insulated panel systems meant that the 87,000m² roof was completed in just nine weeks. It features a Kingspan single-component system, which consists of 72,000m² of Trapezoidal Roof panels in Kingspan XL Forté White and 15% roof lights to maximise natural light in the building. 

Case study: Installer, FK Roofing
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How can we deliver manufacturing quality and productivity in construction?

In recent years, productivity within the construction industry has been the focus of growing attention and at the same time, the sector faces a rapidly deepening skills shortage across parts of Europe and building performance standards are being tightened. In the face of these challenges, designers and developers are increasingly looking to alternative approaches to construction.

How can we deliver manufacturing quality and productivity in construction?

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