Case Sudy UKBIC UK Battery Industrialisation Centre_Coventry QuadCore AWP Firewall KS1000MR

UK Battery Industrialisation Centre, Coventry

Specified for its excellent fire performance, environmental credentials and aesthetic flexibility, Kingspan QuadCore® Micro Rib Wall System provides high quality finish for world leading battery innovation centre.

The Project

The UK Battery Industrialisation Centre (UKBIC) is a crucial project in the country’s Industrial Strategy, placing it at the forefront of battery technology development in the electrical vehicle industry. Delivered in conjunction with the Government’s Faraday Battery Challenge, the new £129 million state-of-the-art site will provide world leading R&D and testing facilities for new technologies, as well as educational provision to support engineer training and collaboration with academics. Due to the innovative nature of the building, it was important that it was built to meet the highest performance standards possible, particularly in terms of fire, without compromising on aesthetics or thermal efficiency. This led to the specification of a Kingspan QuadCore® MicroRib Wall Panel System, including Micro Rib Fire Wall panels, for the external elevations in addition to other products across the envelope

Protecting Progress

Fire safety was a key consideration throughout the design and construction stages of this project, due to the potential manufacturing risks of battery development and the number of personnel and high-value equipment that will be working within. On one particular elevation, it was also necessary for the developers to achieve four hours integrity to prevent fire spread. The Kingspan MicroRib Architectural Wall Panels selected for these key external elevations were specified with an 80mm thick QuadCore® insulation core and fire sealed internal liner, achieving Euroclass B-s1,d0 in accordance with BS EN 13501–1:2007+A1:2009. This provided the ideal wall treatment for the facility, allowing a high level of fire performance to be achieved without compromising construction depth, thermal efficiency or aesthetic possibility.

Main Contractor, Buckingham Group, worked closely with Hathaway and Kingspan to develop the envelope specification to meet the performance requirements required by UKBIC and the building height Planning restrictions. This specification document was then used for the Contract with Developer, Segro.

Completion Date:
PHP Architects
Main Contractor:
Buckingham Group
Cladding Contractor:
Hathaway Group
QuadCore® MicroRib (Fire Wall) & QuadCore® MicroRib (Standard)
Cranked Corners & Flashings

Supercharged Installation

Kingspan_2020_UKBIC_UK Battery Industrialisation Centre_Coventry_QuadCore AWP Firewall_KS1000MR_UK_EN (2)
Whilst the panels achieve strong fire integrity as standalone products, the way that they are installed as a system is vital to their real-life performance. Installers, Hathaway, installed the panels to the steel frame. The factory-engineered jointing system with fire gaskets allowed the panels to simply and tightly slot together, ensuring excellent insulation continuity and envelope fire performance.  The panelised construction method allowed the external elevations to be clad quickly and efficiently so that the building could be made weathertight at an early stage in the project timeline.
The installation quality was checked on site by Kingspan’s Field Services team, confirming that both the product and installation were of a good standard.

High Powered Finish

With a cover width of 900 mm, the MicroRib panels were horizontally laid in bands of variated greys ranging from dark Anthracite and Merlin Grey to lighter tones of Goosewing and Gull Grey, making use of the vast array of Kingspan Spectrum colours. Completed with fabrications manufactured specifically for the project, this provides a strikingly contemporary industrial look that reflects the national significance of the scheme as a showcase for British design, innovation and expertise. It also has a demassing effect on the facade, helping the structure to settle into its business park location without simply blending into the background.
These coatings, along with the thermal and structural performance of the system, is backed by Kingspan’s industry leading IQ System Warranty, guaranteeing excellent performance for up to 40 years.

Innovation Meets Innovation

Now in its final phases, the new centre of battery innovation is almost ready to play its part in enabling the UK to accelerate the drive for cleaner, more efficient vehicles. This forward-looking purpose is also reflected in the completed building shell. In addition to its high fire performance, QuadCore® also delivers industry-leading thermal performance thanks to its closed-cell structure. This will help to reduce the facility’s heating and cooling demand, as well as shrinking its carbon footprint.
Furthermore, QuadCore® is produced at a UK facility that operates at net-zero energy, on an aggregate basis across the year, and has achieved zero waste to landfill. This inherent focus on environmental sustainability made it the ideal product to use for a project dedicated to advancing the UK’s sustainable agenda and was another key factor in its specification.