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Project T

A £77 million distribution centre has been constructed on a remediated brownfield site in Kettering close to the M1 motorway and major road networks, making it ideal for national distribution.

The Project

Spanning 1.1 million ft², with an additional 3-level mezzanine, it was vital that the facility was not only completed as quickly as possible to allow the occupier to move in, but that it was built to last. 

To ensure the high quality and durability required, the complete building envelope comprises a bespoke, fully-integrated Kingspan building envelope system including roof and wall panels, specialist fabrications, daylighting and Rooftop Solar PV. This holistic approach, with a clear focus on using sustainable materials, has helped to ensure the project was delivered on time and achieved its target BREEAM rating of 'Very Good'.

Kettering, UK
Peter Haddon Partnership
Main Contractor:
Sir Robert McAlpine Ltd
Roofing Contractor:
Hathaway Roofing
LondonMetric Property Plc
Trapezoidal Roof
Architectural Wall Panel Flat
Day-Lite Trapezoidal rooflights
Rooftop Solar PV
The system is extremely straight-forward to use and Kingspan's technical support is excellent which makes our job much easier. The roof mounted PV also made a major contribution to achieving the BREEAM Very Good rating.

Rob McNaughton, Project Architect
Peter Haddon Partnership
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Integrated Design

Due to the sheer scale of the project, it was important that the materials and products specified were not only of high quality individually, but that they also integrated with each other seamlessly to create a compliant building envelope.

The Kingspan Trapezoidal Roof system features high-performing insulated panels supported by state-of-the-art specialist fabrications that are designed to work together, ensuring outstanding aesthetic flexibility. Combined with advanced daylighting and integrated Rooftop Solar PV, Kingspan helped to construct the complete envelope solution with guaranteed compatibility and market-leading thermal, fire, environmental and structural performance.

Minimising the visual impact of the expansive facility was also a key aim in the design process. After undertaking a detailed visual assessment of the site, it was decided that the building should blend into the surrounding landscape rather than break the skyline. For this reason, the earthy tones of Kingspan XL Forté finishes ‘Mushroom’ and ‘Goosewing Grey’ were selected for the roof and wall
panels. The leather grain effect coating uses metal alloy substrates which provide maximum resistance to corrosion and abrasion.
Kingspan Insulated Panel Systems Project PROJECT T UK Image

Curve Appeal

The first element of the building which catches the eye is the undulating curves of the roof, redolent of the surrounding hills.

The project was originally designed with a curved roof, however, as the client wanted to install a rooftop-mounted PV system, the design was changed to a 6° roof pitch.

To ensure the contemporary curved aesthetic was still achieved, Kingspan and Hathaway Roofing developed a bespoke curved Flashings detail which was fixed to the gable ends. These conceal the pitched roofline, creating the effect of a curved roof from the ground. An additional benefit of this approach was a 4.5% saving on steelwork cost and a 50% faster installation time, reducing the overall build programme. Combining functionality, performance and aesthetics, these specialist fabrications were manufactured from the same coil as the panels used on the rest of the project to ensure continuity of colour.
Kingspan Insulated Panel Systems Project PROJECT T UK Image

Illuminate and Generate

Kingspan Day-Lite solutions and Rooftop Solar PV were incorporated into the roof system, making the most of the vast surface area. These elements helped the project meet its pledge to include 10% daylight into the warehouse space and to meet at least 10% of the energy demand with renewable energy

Kingspan Day-Lite Trapezoidal rooflights were seamlessly integrated between the Trapezoidal Roof panels, ensuring lasting performance. Kingspan Day-Lite Trapezoidal rooflights are precision extruded to ensure a superior fit with Trapezoidal Roof  panels, providing enhanced building airtightness. They have superior resistance to UV degradation, resulting in excellent long-term light transmission and structural performance, and have a U-value of 1.6W/m²K. These translucent polycarbonate panels allow natural light to rush into the building, creating a bright, healthy and cost-effective workspace below.

However, at night or on overcast days, it was important for the facility to be lit as effectively and efficiently as possible to meet the required standards for BREEAM ‘Very Good’ and keep operation costs low. Given the large roof area and the demand for electricity, solar power generation was prioritised as one of the most appropriate renewable energy generation techniques. The 1680 module solar array of 437kWp of Kingspan Rooftop Solar PV panels will supply electricity straight to the building for immediate use. The expected annual generation is 387,182kWhrs. This bespoke, compliant and cohesive specification was designed and delivered all in-house by one team, ensuring complete synergy between products and layouts to achieve the optimum results.
Kingspan Insulated Panel Systems Project PROJECT T UK Image

A Timeless Piece

The project is a shining example of what can be achieved by taking a holistic approach to constructing industrial buildings.

The insulated panel systems installed on the project are manufactured to meet the BRE Green Guide to Specification designation of ‘long-life’ with a sustainability rating of A+; requiring little maintenance and offering full recyclability at the end of their life. The distribution centre was awarded a BREEAM ‘Very Good’ rating shortly after completion. The use of Kingspan Insulated Panels’ products can contribute directly towards credits within the materials section (MAT 01, 03, 04). Their performance also counts towards the overall energy performance of the building ENE 01 - Reduction of emissions.

Selecting to use a complete building envelope system solution from one manufacturer provides a unique single-source warranty, which offers a broad coverage rarely available within the industry.
Kingspan Insulated Panel Systems Project PROJECT T UK Image

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