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Over 8000m2 of Kingspan UltraTemp panels are ready for reuse after a successful coldstore warehouse demolition, demonstrating the durability and circular potential of PIR panels.

The Project

Over 8000m2 of Kingspan UltraTemp panels are ready for reuse after a successful coldstore warehouse demolition, demonstrating the durability and circular potential of PIR panels.

When a coldstore unit in North London was due to be converted into a standard industrial warehouse, the materials were not destined to go to waste. Industrial developers, SEGRO, are dedicated to delivering sustainable business practice, aiming to send zero waste to landfill and reduce the embodied carbon of their construction and major renovation projects. Clean Slate Demolition, in partnership with GPL Construction, were employed to carefully remove 8110m2 of UltraTemp panels in varying lengths and thicknesses from the warehouse, preserving the panels for reuse and leaving the external structure intact.

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Clean Slate Demolition
QuadCore Coldstore Panels

Designed for Durability

Originally specified for the project in 2015, the UltraTemp panels were easily identified by their iconic Kingspan branded side tape. GPL Construction’s skilled team began to carefully dismantle the coldstore system, removing its suspended ceiling and walls. Thanks to the panels’ robust, single component design, this could be done one by one using basic tools and lightweight mechanical platforms, forklifts, and vacuum panel handling equipment - all without damaging the panels. Once removed from the structure, the panels were cut down to size and stacked up, ready for transportation to a storage facility where they will be kept until resold.

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There is a strong sustainability mandate here at SEGRO so to oversee a substantial take-back scheme is great, and a testament to all those that work on these types of projects with us.

Ben Brakes, SEGRO’s Group Sustainability Manager

Sustainability at the Core

It is estimated that the UK construction industry produces 100 million tonnes of waste, a quarter of which ends up in landfill. The inherent strength and durability of insulated panels, with their rigid insulated core and steel facings, enable systems to easily be dismantled and panels saved for reuse in buildings beyond their original specification. With a thermal and structural performance life of at least 40 years it makes sense to reuse panels wherever possible. This not only provides a more ecologically friendly option for demolition waste, diverting it from landfill and supporting the developer’s sustainability aim, but can also increase the value of demolition contracts. Some of the panels have already found a new home, and the rest are now being resold by a range of interested parties, passing their benefits to a host of different future developments. If you are interested in using reclaimed panels on your next project or want to know more about panels at their end of life, please contact

In March 2020, we were shown a large recently closed cold store and food manufacturing facility. SEGRO had the choice of either trying to re-let a bespoke facility or returning the warehouse to an open-plan unit, opening its marketing potential to many more prospective customers. Clean Slate Demolition were engaged to explore cost-effective and environmentally-positive solutions to their problem, and soon settled on the idea of dismantling the facility for reuse over demolishing in the traditional destructive manner. After discussions with several specialist teams, Peter at GPL Construction proved to be the right partner for the project. With a tight 7-week programme, our in-house demolition teams, supplemented by GPL Operatives, were able to easily dissemble the Kingspan UltraTemp panels, sorting and dispatching them across the country for a wide range of uses. Our choice of method resulted in a huge diversion of waste from landfill, something that Clean Slate Demolition and our clients are always aiming to do.

Nick Harvey, Managing Director, Clean Slate Demolition Limited

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