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EDGE Innovate (NI) Ltd

Kingspan Rooftop Solar PV system is helping to offset 72,768 kg of CO2 per annum.

The Project

Kingspan Rooftop Solar PV system is helping to offset 72,768 kg of CO2 per annum at EDGE Innovate, ensuring the state-of-the-art manufacturing facility remains competitive and efficient.

As global leaders in construction material waste handling and recycling, EDGE Innovate has been designing and manufacturing specialist equipment for over 25 years. Two existing factories have been connected within the pioneering manufacturing facility and have had Rooftop Solar PV installed between them to support the company’s efforts to reduce its environmental impact.

The integrated Rooftop Solar PV panels retrofitted to the roof coincides with the company’s environmental agenda and offers an excellent energy efficient solution with a sleek, industrial finish.
The ideal roof needed to meet durability and longevity requirements for resource efficient units. By specifying a top sheet mounted system, they would be able to eliminate cold bridging, which would help to reduce the risk of condensation. Furthermore, it can help to minimise potential damage to the structural elements of the roof which, in turn, is likely to reduce the costs of routine maintenance.
Kingspan Rooftop Solar PV integrates well with most roof systems. As a result, the new 1152m² roof, including the 694 PV modules, was constructed in three weeks. The field services team were also available throughout the construction stage to answer technical queries and ensure compliance with building control regulations.

Cutting Edge

With a projected annual output of 140,751 kWh from the Rooftop Solar PV roof, and an annual CO2 offset of 72,768 kg per annum, the new system will help to minimise the impact of EDGE Innovate’s product operations. The in-house system invertor design and customised mounting brackets were also used for maximum energy generation which aims to futureproof the structure.

Dungannon, Northern Ireland
Main Contractor:
Kingspan Energy Ltd
Rooftop Solar PV
“ As part of EDGE Innovate’s drive towards resource efficiency, whilst minimising the environmental
impact of our production operations, we have invested heavily in the replacement and installation of various new pieces of equipment. The installation of a rooftop Solar PV system, supplied by Kingspan Energy, is a continuation of this policy and will allow us to reduce our energy costs further whilst making our production facilities much more efficient.”
Darragh Cullen, EDGE Innovate, Managing Director

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