Five-Crown Wall Panel

Five Crown Wall Panel

Product Overview

Five-Crown Wall Panel is a through-fix recurring box profile insulated wall panel.
  • Through-fix fixing detail
  • Available in Kingspan XL Forte and Kingspan Spectrum (Silver Only). Download a copy of the coating selector
  • Suitable for vertical or horizontal application
  • Lengths: From 1.8m to 15m
  • Cover width: 1000mm

Technical & Downloads

Thickness (mm) 34 100
Overall Thickness (mm) 72 138
U-Value (W/M²K) 0.48 0.19
Weight (kg/m²) 10.1 12.6
The polyisocyanurate (PIR) insulation used in Five-Crown Wall Panels has a Thermal Conductivity (λ) of 0.020W/m.K

Five-Crown Wall Panel has a Thermal Transmittance (U-Value), calculated using the method required by the Building Regulations Part L2 (England & Wales), Building Standards Section 6 (Scotland), Part L (Republic of Ireland) and Part F2 (Northern Ireland).

Email to request the installation instructions for this product.

CAD Details

Kingspan Five Crown Horizontal CAD DWG

Kingspan Five Crown Horizontal CAD PDF

Kingspan Five Crown Vertical CAD DWG

Kingspan Five Crown Vertical CAD PDF

BIM Store

Visit the BIM Store to download the BIM files for the 5 Crown wall panel: KS1000 FC Wall BIM File

Kingspan Five Crown Vertical NBS

Kingspan_Five Crown_Horizontal_NBS

Kingspan Five Crown Wall Panel Product Data Sheet

Certification and Testing

Reaction to Fire

Five-Crown Wall Panels are classified B-s2,d0, when tested on the internal face of the product, according to the European Reaction to Fire classification system (Euroclasses) BS EN 13501–1: 2007+A1: 2009 under the certified name KS1000FC and BS EN 13501-1:2018 under the certified name KS1000FC when using the following internal liners:

CLEANsafe 15, CLEANsafe 25, CLEANsafe 55, CLEANsafe120, AQUAsafe 55 

Please contact Kingspan Tech-eXchange for Information relating to the external face.

Fire Resistance

Fire resistance classifications are subject to panel thickness, orientation, method of assembly, and steel coating. Please contact Kingspan Tech-eXchange for project specific details.

Insurer Approvals

Five-Crown Wall Panels are tested to:

LPS 1181 Part 1: Issue 1.2 Requirements and tests for built-up cladding and sandwich panel systems for use as the external envelope of buildings certified to:

LPS 1181-1 Grade EXT-B under the certified name Kingspan KS1000 FC (roof and wall panel) for thicknesses 34 – 100mm
LPS 1181-1 Grade EXT-A15 under the certified name KS1000 FC (wall panel) for thicknesses 68 – 100mm and vertical orientation
LPS 1181-1 Grade EXT-A30 under the certified name KS1000 FC (wall panel) for 100mm thickness and vertical orientation

Insurer approvals are large scale testing regimes that provide objective third-party testing, which is underpinned by quarterly, bi-annual and annual factory surveillance audits (depending on the region) to verify compliance. Insurer approvals are subject to panel thickness, cover width, orientation, method of assembly, steel coating and manufacturing facility. Please contact Kingspan Tech-eXchange for further information.


Available Lengths

Standard lengths: 1.8 - 14.5m

Longer lengths (non-standard): 14.5 - 15m

Shorter lengths (non-standard): Below 1.8m

Note: Additional costs and transport restrictions may apply for non-standard lengths. All lengths may change for export (outside of the UK & Ireland).

Insulation Core

Five-Crown Wall Panels are manufactured with a polyisocyanurate (PIR) core.


Kingspan Insulated Panels produced in the UK are certified to BES 6001 (Framework Standard for the Responsible Sourcing of Construction Products) ‘Very Good’. 

All Kingspan Insulated Panels manufacturing facilities across the UK and Ireland are 100% Net Zero Energy. In addition, facilities located in Kingscourt, Holywell and Sherburn generate renewable energy onsite which contributes to that sites energy mix. 

Kingspan Insulated Panels procure steel that is made from 15 – 25% recycled content. Kingspan insulated panels directly contribute to BREEAM® / LEED® credits.

Air Leakage

An air leakage rate of 3m3/hr/m2 at 50Pa or less can be achieved when using Kingspan insulated roof and wall panels.

For information on detailing required to achieve lower air leakage rates please contact Kingspan Tech-eXchange.


Sound Reduction Index (SRI)

Hz*;63; 125; 250; 500; 1k; 2k; 4k; 8k
SRI; 20; 18; 20; 24; 20; 29; 39; 47

* Frequency

Five-Crown Wall Panels have a single figure weighted sound reduction Rw = 25dB. Results are based on panels of similar profile and core material.

Materials - Substrate

Metallic protected steel to BS EN 10346:2015.

Please contact Kingspan Tech-eXchange for information on other substrates.

Coatings - External Weather Sheet

Kingspan XL Forté: Consists of a multi-layer organic coating, embossed with a traditional leather-grain finish.

Kingspan Spectrum: Consists of a coated semigloss finish with slight granular effect.

For Reaction to Fire performance of external weather sheets please contact Kingspan Tech-eXchange.

Coatings - Internal Liner Sheet

Kingspan CLEANsafe 15: The coating has been developed for use as the internal lining of insulated panels. Standard colour is “bright white” with an easily cleaned surface.

Kingspan CLEANsafe 120: The coating has been developed for use as the internal lining of insulated panels where a high level of cleanliness and hygiene is required, and the panels are to be cleaned down on a regular basis.

Kingspan AQUAsafe 55: The coating has been developed for use as the internal lining of insulated panels for swimming pools and other high humidity internal environments.

For reaction to fire performance of panels with above internal liners please see certification and testing section.

Panel End Cut Back

Standard cut back: 25mm
End lap vertical: 100mm
Cut back horizontal (vertical top hat): 20mm

For further information in relation to end laps please contact Kingspan Tech-eXchange. 

Product Tolerance

Cut to Length: ±5mm 
Cover Width: ±2mm 
Thickness (Core ≤ 100mm): ±2mm
Thickness (Core > 100mm): ±2%
End Square: ±3mm


Five-Crown Wall Panels can be manufactured in both left to right handed (LH) and right to left handed (RH).

For horizontal applications, contact Kingspan Tech-eXchange.

Quality and Durability

Five-Crown Wall Panels are manufactured from the highest quality materials, using state of the art production equipment to rigorous quality control standards, complying with BS EN ISO 9001 standard, ensuring long term reliability and service life. The panels are also being manufactured under Environmental Management System Certification BS EN ISO 14001, Energy Management System Certification BS EN ISO 50001 and Occupational Health and Safety Certification BS EN ISO 45001.  Five-Crown Wall Panels are CE marked to BS EN 14509: 2013.


Kingspan Panel Warranty covering the following subject to project specific information:
- 25 year thermal performance warranty
- 25 year structural performance warranty
- Up to 40 year external coating warranty


Planet Passionate
Planet Passionate
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