Envirodek Roof KS1000 ED

Envirodek Roof KS1000 ED

KS1000 ED is an insulated roof deck combining a structural deck and metal top sheet in one product

The panels are suitable for zinc, stainless steel and aluminium standing seam waterproofing systems and single-ply membranes.
  • Lightweight, highly insulated and energy efficient
  • Double spans of up to 6m can be achieved depending upon load and roof type
  • Suitable for curved roofs down to 15m concave and 30m convex radius
  • Compatible with a wide range of waterproofing membranes
  • Lifetime insulation continuity, thermal performance and airtightness (less than 5m3/hr/m2) certainty

Technical Information

Core Thickness (mm) 66  102 126
U-Value (W/m2K) 0.25 0.18# 0.15#
Weight kg/m2 20.4 21.8 22.8

The recommended roof U-values are dependent on the method chosen:
Overall Heat Loss Method ≤ 0.25 W/m²K
Elemental Heat Loss Method ≤ 0.20 W/m


Product Data sheet

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Fire Performance

Please contact technical@kingspanpanels.com for further advice and appropriate specifications.


Planet Passionate
Planet Passionate
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