Lower Lambda, Lower Energy Demand

27 March 2019 Kingspan Insulated Panels

Lower Lambda, Lower Energy Demand

The lambda value of an insulation material is the most fundamental measure of its performance. QuadCore leads the field in this respect with a value of just 0.018 W/m·K — the lowest of any conventional insulation material. But why are lambda values so important and how can they impact building energy performance?

What is a lambda value?

Lambda (also known as thermal conductivity) is the measure of how well a material conducts heat. The lower the value of a material, the more resistant it is to this type of heat transfer, making it more effective as an insulation. From a practical perspective, this means that a slimmer wall construction can be used to achieve a desired U-value, or alternatively, that an enhanced level of thermal performance can be reached for a given construction thickness.

How does QuadCore compare with other insulation materials?

A wide range of insulation options are now available for specifiers and there is considerable variance in the lambda values of these products. To demonstrate this, we looked at thermal transfer through a variety of products of the same thickness. The reference point for the comparison is polyurethane (PUR) insulation.
Kingspan Insulated Panel Systems Thermal Efficiency Image
As you can see, QuadCore™ Panels are 10% more efficient than standard polyisocyanurate (PIR) boards and allow around 69% less thermal transfer than rock mineral fibre.

How can QuadCore™ Panels impact the energy demand of buildings?

The enhanced lambda value of QuadCore™ wall and roof panels facilitate a fabric-first construction approach — allowing heat loss through the building envelope to be kept to an absolute minimum. This is backed through our unequivocal, 40-year warranty – confirming the insulation will retain its specified thermal performance for the stated period, even if exposed to water during construction unlike some traditional materials. When combined with our robust construction details and technical design support, a QuadCore™ envelope has the potential to increase air-tightness while also optimising HVAC sizing and minimising structural steel requirements.
All of this means it is now simpler than ever before to construct buildings which will achieve excellent levels of energy efficiency over the long-term.