Enhanced Property Protection

Kingspan insulated wall panel clad building
Allianz's latest Global Claims Review highlights the increasingly high values at risk in corporate insurance claims. The analysis shows that over 75% of financial losses arise from 10 causes of loss, with the largest single identified cause being fire / explosion - accounting for almost a quarter of the value of all claims. In the past five years, fire and explosion incidents have caused in excess of €14bn worth of insurance losses from over 9,500 claims and are responsible for more than half of the 20 largest non-natural catastrophe loss events analysed. 

Stringent insurance industry requirements have led to the development of specific insurer-driven large-scale fire tests, in order to differentiate the fire performance of insulated panels with different cores. 

In general for panels to be considered as approved from a fire performance point of view, they should meet or exceed LPS 1181 or FM 4880 standards and carry the appropriate certification.

QBE Insurance Group: Risk Solutions Guidance. Fire Safety Guidelines where Composite Panels are Installed.

Minimal Business Interruption

This real fire case study video explores how Kingspan insurer-approved PIR core panels protected an Audi dealership from fire spread when 6 cars were set alight outside the building. Despite an intense fire load, damage to the insulated panels cladding the building was highly localised and business was able to continue the next day. 

LPCB and FM Approvals

Kingspan's insulated panels were first tested and approved to insurance industry standards in 1995: demonstrating a commitment to focusing on realistic, insurer-driven large-scale tests to assure the excellent fire performance of its systems in real life building applications for almost 25 years.

The use of Kingspan insurer-approved panels mitigates the risk of fire spread and has the same impact on maximum foreseeable loss and premiums as non-combustible solutions.

Low-smoke wall and ceiling panels that receive FM Approval have been evaluated to provide assurance that they will limit fire propagation and generate significantly less smoke than traditional wall or ceiling panels.

FM Global: https://www.fmapprovals.com/products-we-certify/understanding-the-benefits/fm-approved-interior-wall-and-ceiling-materials-for-smoke-sensitive-occupancies

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