Fire Performance of Kingspan Insulated Panels

Kingspan is dedicated to providing high-performance, innovative insulated panel solutions that not only deliver superior construction efficiencies and lifetime performance, but that are underpinned by extensive system fire testing and proven fire performance.

What is an Insulated Panel?

Insulated panels are made up of an insulation core sandwiched between two layers of metal sheets – one the external weather side, the other a pre-finished internal liner. The result is a single component solution that replaces multi-part construction.

Kingspan insulated roof and wall panel systems offer significant advantages over conventional site-assembled solutions, providing fast, single-fix installation with high levels of thermal performance and energy efficiency.

We are often asked the difference between insulated sandwich panels and Aluminium Composite Material (ACM). The composition and function of both products are very different, and we’ve created a short video that explains this which you can watch here.
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What Underpins the Fire Performance of Kingspan Insulated Panels?

Kingspan LPCB and FM Approved insulated panels are subjected to rigorous insurance industry large-scale fire tests and associated ongoing audits, and are proven to prevent fire spread in numerous independently-assessed real fire case studies.

In terms of reaction to fire, and in accordance with the Euroclasses, Kingspan QuadCore® insulated panel systems are classified B, s1, d0, which is the highest possible performance for a material classified as 'combustible':

  • B - Very limited contribution to fire and will not lead to flashover
  • s1 - Little or no smoke production
  • d0 - No flaming droplets / particles

In addition, Kingspan insulated panels can also offer high levels of fire resistance


What is Fire Resistance?

Once a fire has reached flashover and transitioned to a fully developed blaze it's important that building elements are able to resist and contain fire spread.  Watch this short video to learn more about fire resistance, how it is classified and why it is important in the context of how a fire typically develops.

Kingspan's AWP wall panel system with QuadCore® Technology can offer an insulated wall panel system that achieves 4 hours integrity and 30 minutes insulation when tested to EN 1364-1.

Kingspan Fire Performance CPDs for Architects and Property Insurers

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Download our Fire Testing & Performance Guide

Download this reference document for a comprehensive overview of Kingspan's tested and accredited systems, the testing regimes they are subjected to, and independently assessed real fire case studies.

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