Power Purchase Agreements for Commercial Rooftop Solar PV Panels

Power Purchase Agreements (PPA) are a funded scheme where your renewable energy project will be fully funded by an investor. 

The investor will recover their investment by selling back to you the energy you generate at a pre-agreed price, which will deliver a saving on your current electrical energy supply contract. 
The benefit of a PPA is that you can enjoy reduced low carbon electricity, with no maintenance costs and no worry about the operation of the system. At the end of the contracted term you choose to purchase the asset, extend the agreement or have the asset removed. 

Benefits of Funded Solar Energy Power PPA scheme  

  • No upfront cost to project  
  • Reduced primary energy consumption 
  • Increased asset value 
  • Protected against future rising energy costs  
  • Multiple building and multiple site funded options possible  
  • Future increased rental yields  
  • Zero carbon emissions  
  • Improved EPC and BREAAM ratings 
  • Utilises unused space 

Considerations for PPA funding on Rooftop + Solar PV through Kingspan PowerPanel

  • Existing building energy consumption  
  • Roof size and area available for PV system  
  • Financial due diligence  
  • Building and PV orientation  
  • Roof structure capable of supporting PV system 
  • Working hours  

Key Elements of the Kingspan Energy PPA 

  • The fund is the generator of the energy  
  • Term of agreement 15 to 25 years  
  • Benchmarked electricity purchase price
  • ​The building owner purchases the energy generated​
  • ​Minimum supply threshold
  • Current unit price set annually
  • Protection against rising energy costs 


Complete Insulated Roof Panel and PV system

Complete Insulated Roof Panel and PV system

PV system only

PV system only

Typical Rooftop Solar PV system output

System Size Dimension Output (watt/kilowatt)
1 solar panel 1,670mm x 990mm 270 - 295 watt
4 solar panels 6.7m2 ~ 1kW
370 solar panels 610m2 ~ 100kW
926 solar panels 1,528m2 ~ 250 kW
1,852 solar panels 3,056m2 ~ 500kW