Energy Solutions

Our combination of rooftop solar PV systems enables high energy-consuming businesses with sustainable, low carbon energy supply designed to meet your energy needs now and into the future, all from one supplier. 

With increasing demands being placed on building energy efficiency, Kingspan have combined insulated roof and wall panel systems, featuring light optimising daylighting, and integrated solar PV and energy storage to capture and harness the suns natural energy - creating enhanced building envelopes designed for NZEB that will take our built environment into the next era of energy efficiency and well-being. 

Energy generating products & solutions

Energy saving products & solutions

Our high-performance panel and daylighting solutions significantly reduce energy demand, creating advanced building envelopes which offer exceptional energy savings in the long-term. 

Insulated roof panels

Our insulated roof panels offer the ultimate in sustainable panel design, providing:  

  • Zero moisture ingress, with no air filtration for lifetime thermal reliability 

  • Insulation continuity, with no gaps or missing insulation core 

  • Low CO2 emissions 

  • Contribution of up to 28% of potential BREEAM credits 

  • The fibre-free insulation core is suitable for sensitive applications and helps to create healthy buildings 

Insulated wall panels 

The exceptional thermal performance of Kingspan insulated panels can result in energy savings of up to 30% more than standard, cavity-based insulation systems, making our panels an easy, fast and effective technology to reduce heating and cooling demand. 

Daylighting solutions

A simple concept with incredible results, our daylighting solutions have been designed to integrate with our insulated roof and wall panels for superior fit and long-term thermal performance, achieving: 

  • Exceptional levels of light transmission over the lifetime of the building, as polycarbonate does not yellow with age;  

  • High levels of natural light, which has been shown to increase occupant productivity and comfort; 

  • A clear reduction in the amount of artificial lighting needed, thus reducing the energy consumption of the building; 

  • A saving on carbon emissions of up to 26%. 

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