Ultrasteel horizontal cylinders just got better!

24 February 2020 Kingspan Water & Energy

Following installers’ feedback, we’ve improved the design of our Ultrasteel unvented horizontal cylinders...


...and moved the immersion heater from the end of the cylinder to be front facing so they can now be fitted into even more places than ever before.

The old design restricted your siting options, needing to leave 50cm clearance on the right-hand side, so the immersion heater could be serviced and changed. By fitting the immersion heater along the body of the cylinder you can now fit it tight into any corner and still have all the access you need for servicing and maintenance.

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Ultrasteel horizontal cylinders just got better!

Watch our short video to discover how we’ve improved our popular Ultrasteel horizontal cylinders’ design and made it even more flexible in siting and easier to fit into those confined spaces.