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Kingspan have introduced a range of stainless vented cylinders as an alternative to the traditional copper cylinders for applications where cylinder longevity is paramount. This range of stainless vented cylinders is manufactured from superior material, 1mm duplex stainless steel. By using a combination of advanced production methods, including our pioneering gas purged welding technique, we can provide the maximum resistance to corrosion, to make this one of our most durable and long-lasting cylinders ever. If you’re looking for a cylinder that lasts, the new stainless vented cylinder from Kingspan Albion is your best choice!

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How Do Cylinder Coils Work?

Have you ever wondered what coil is inside your hot water cylinder and how it might affect its performance?

In this short video we’re examining the different types of coils available and their pros and cons, so you know what to look out for when choosing your next hot water cylinder.

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