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Product Overview

These hot water storage tanks are manufactured to British Standard 1566 and are suitable for use in open vented hot water systems. Available in a wide range of capacities, all units are fitted with a 2¼” boss for an electric immersion heater.
The cylinders feature environmentally friendly CFC-free foam lagging for reduced heat loss and are available in Grade 3.
Extra tappings and bosses can be fitted dependent on individual requirements.

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  • Available in a range of capacities
  • Single thickness of environmentally friendly foam lagging as standard (unless otherwise stated)
  • Double thickness of lagging is available on request and can be ordered through our Kwikcyl24 service
  • Part L1B Compliant
  • Manufactured to BS1566
  • Connections for use with back boiler
  • Available in Grade 3 to suit 10m working head
  • 2-year guarantee against manufacturing defects
Size HxD (mm) Size HxD
Cap. (litres) ERP
Standing Loss (W) Grade 3
600x300 24x12 35 C 40 KD600300G3
1200x300 48x12 73 C 58 KD1200300G3
1500x300 60x12 95 C 57 KD1500300G3
1600x300 64x12 96 C 68 KD1600300G3
1800x300* 72x12 114 C 65 KD1800300G3
900x350 36x14 72 C 50 KD900350G3
1050x350 42x14 87 C 55 KD1050350G3
1200x350 48x14 103 C 58 KD1200350G3
750x375 30x15 70 C 49 KD750375G3
900x375 36x15 86 C 50 KD900375G3
975x375 39x15 95 C 66 KD975375G3
1050x375 42x15 101 C 57 KD1050375G3
1200x375 48x15 115 C 64 KD1200375G3
1500x375 60x15 150 C 66 KD1500375G3
600x400 24x16 62 C 47 KD600400G3
700x400 28x16 70 C 48 KD700400G3
750x400 30x16 80 C 48 KD750400G3
800x400 32x16 85 C 51 KD800400G3
900x400 36x16 96 C 60 KD900400G3
1050x400 42x16 114 C 63 KD1050400G3
1200x400 48x16 133 C 58 KD1200400G3
1500x400 60x16 170 C 67 KD1500400G3
1800x400* 72x16 200 C 75 KD1800400G3
675x450 27x18 84 C 56 KD675450G3
750x450 30x18 95 C 53 KD750450G3
800x450 32x18 105 C 63 KD800450G3
825x450 33x18 115 C 63 KD825450G3
900x450 36x18 117 C 66 KD900450G3
1050x450 42x18 140 C 73 KD1050450G3
1200x450 48x18 162 C 73 KD1200450G3
1350x450 54x18 180 C 69 KD1350450G3
1400x450 56x18 190 C 81 KD1400450G3
1500x450 60x18 206 C 93 KD1500450G3
1200x500 48x20 205 C 86 KD1200500G3
1500x500 60x20 245 C 69 KD1500500G3
1800x500* 72x20 306 C 92 KD1800500G3
*Only available with 50mm foam lagging
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