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Tribune Xe hot water cylinders with built-in thermal expansion offer reliability and make best use of space in £14 million development.

The Project


The Embankment comprises 92 private rental sector apartments built by developer, InReach Living. The project, located in the heart of Birmingham, provides city centre with 24 one-bedroom and 68 two-bedroom furnished apartments, with the latter offering ensuite facilities.
InReach wanted the apartments to feel light and spacious, and to offer facilities that residents expect, such as communal landscaped gardens and options for car parking.
The high standards required extended across the contractors chosen to build the project, as well as the specifications of products used during construction.
These requirements resulted in mechanical and electrical contractor, Spectrum Mechanical Services, tendering the provision of unvented hot water cylinders for the 92 apartments.
Key factors in the tender were to maximise the space available, whilst ensuring residents would experience reliably powerful showers day after day, year after year coupled with low running costs and simple, hassle-free maintenance. Against the competition, Kingspan won this tender with the Tribune Xe direct unvented cylinder featuring a built-in thermal expansion.
Spectrum chose the Tribune Xe for a number of key reasons – confidence in supply, performance, proven reliability and space-saving offered by the Xe’s design.
Kingspan’s Key Account Manager, Sharon Donovan, provided Spectrum with the guarantee of secure supply by teaming up with plumbing and heating merchant, Wolseley, to manage the ordering and delivery process. Coupled with Kingspan’s UK cylinder manufacturing site in Wakefield, West Yorkshire, this robust supply chain meant Spectrum could rest assured that cylinders would always arrive on site in time for installation.
Tribune Xe duplex stainless steel cylinders have long been a premium product known for their top performance and excellent ErP (Energy Related Products) energy efficiency ratings. In selecting the Xe, Spectrum and InReach could be confident that residents would experience fast flow rates and up to 14% more hot water than other unvented cylinders* - all meaning a hot powerful shower was never more than a couple of seconds away.
The energy efficient capabilities of the Tribune Xe also result in superior SAP performance for developers.
The desire to deliver spacious apartments gave Tribune Xe’s space-saving attributes the extra edge in the tender. The in-built thermal expansion (‘bubble-top’) design means there is no need for a separate expansion vessel, so the cylinder takes up less cupboard space without compromising capacity or performance. Internal expansion also makes annual servicing simpler, and access easier.
Choosing Tribune Xe ensured InReach could confidently deliver excellent and reliable mains water pressure for their residents, all backed by a 25-year guarantee.
To find out more about this development visit InReach Living's website.
*when compared with the same size cylinder with an external expansion vessel.

Tribune Xe

“I have work with Rob Shepard, the Commercial Director, and Spectrum Mechanical for many years and understand the needs of their business. By working with him at the early stage of the M&E design process we were able to identify the high importance of space-saving for this project and I was able to recommend the Tribune Xe as there is no need for an external expansion vessel, saving significant room in the airing cupboard and giving the tenants some additional and very valuable storage space.”

Sharon Donovan, Key Account Manager at Kingspan


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