AgriMaster® Single Skinned Liquid Fertiliser Storage Tanks 9,000 and 15,000 Litres

15,000 L 15,000 L

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Designed for the safe storage and dispense of liquid fertiliser. Quality single skinned polyethylene construction helps provide resistance to corrosion and leakage. Available in 9,000 and 15,000 litre sizes to suit all types of applications and comes with a 5-year warranty.

AgriMaster brochure

AgriMaster 9,000L & 15,000L brochure

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  • Broad range of applications - AgriMaster® can be used on farms growing wheat, canola, maize, beetroot and potatoes- as well as other vegetable farms and orchards that use liquid fertilisers
  • Monitor Liquid Levels - single skinned version is semi-transparent, so it is easy to see the liquid level in the tank
  • Containers can be combined into batteries - single skinned containers can be easily connected, increasing their operational capacity
  • Easy to move - Due to its small size, the empty container can be safely transported without the use of heavy equipment, and the special design allows you to move AgriMaster easily with a forklift
  • Easy Installation - AgriMaster single skinned containers can be installed in open spaces and do not require foundations, racks or other means of ground attachment. However, tanks should always be placed on even, stable locations
  • Single skinned polyethylene construction offers resistance to structural damage, changing weather conditions and UV radiation
  • Certified Solutions - Manufactured in compliance with the quality standard – BS EN ISO 9001. 2008
  • 5 year warranty
Standard Equipment:
  • Access lid
  • 2” bottom outlet fitted with stainless steel ball valve
  • Stainless steel upper nozzle (2" or 3")
Optional Equipment:
  • Watchman Sonic ultrasound level sensor
  • Access platform
Capacity Product code Diameter Height
Single Skin Containers
9000 litres OAM09000* 2300mm 2900mm
15000 litres 028000* 2950mm 2750mm

*The remaining part of the product code is equipment-dependent.
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