WUP Doodle Diesel Tanks Project

The Project

Wup Doodle is an independent computer-numerically-controlled (CNC) workshop, based in Hepworth, Suffolk. The company uses CNC machines to supply high-end machined products to many of the UK’s largest and well-known companies, including Terminal 5, The Tate, and Google’s UK HQ. The team needed a tank to store diesel on-site to refuel its forklift truck, which is used to move goods around its yard.

On-site bulk storage is a convenient way to handle diesel and meant Wup Doodle could buy larger volumes of diesel – saving the company time and money.

The company decided to install a Kingspan FuelMaster 1,300 litre tank, bought from nearby builders merchants, Clarkes of Walsham. 

Richard Argent from Wup Doodle says, “The FuelMaster is exactly what we wanted.  It helps us protect and makes efficient management and dispensing of our diesel stocks really easy – plus we think it looks cool!”  

FuelMaster tanks are specifically designed for the safe storage and dispensing of all types of on-site fuel.  They are manufactured to a very high-spec and constructed in rotary-moulded plastic, which means they are very low maintenance; they don’t rust and they don’t require painting.

The tank is fitted with a monitoring device, which continually measures fuel levels and provides Wup Doodle with remote access to this information via web-enabled devices.  This reduces the possibility of running out of fuel, which could seriously impact the company.

FuelMaster’s double-skin construction ensures environmental protection and safeguards against leaks and ground contamination.  The tank is also fully compliant with current regulations and safety standards.  All FuelMaster tanks are OFCERT certified and manufactured in compliance with provisions of BS EN ISO 9001:2008.

The dispensing equipment is safely stowed away in a lockable cabinet, and it includes an integral pump, dispensing hose, and automatic nozzle with nozzle holder, all of which are bespoke to user requirements.  Its Spillstop overfill prevention device (which is fitted as standard) prevents overfilling and spills, while 10-micron particulate/water filters protect vehicle engines from diesel contaminants.  

The company has had Kingspan’s full technical and after-sales customer support, including fast delivery, installation guidance and consultancy, backed by a trustworthy guarantee.

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