Day-Lite Architectural Wall Light KS1000 DLAWP

Day-Lite Architectural Wall Light KS1000 DLAWP

A versatile single-component wall daylighting solution so you can enjoy architectural freedom

  • U-Value: 1.3W/m2k
  • Light Transmission: Up to 55% when new
  • Solar Heat Gain Coefficient: As low as 0.36
  • Lengths: Available in lengths up to 8m
  • Application: Suitable for horizontal or vertical applications
  • Fire Rating: Achieves Euro Class B (internal)
  • Product Compatibility: Kingspan Architectural Wall Panels
  • Warranty: Guaranteed structural, thermal and UV resistance performance for up to 25 years

Technical & Downloads

Product Reference Thickness 
Light Transmission
Solar Heat Gain Coefficient
KS1000 DLAWP Clear 38 4.7 1.3 55 0.58
KS1000 DLAWP Opal 38 4.7 1.3 50 0.55
KS1000 DLAWP Blue 38 4.7 1.3 18 0.48
KS1000 DLAWP Green 38 4.7 1.3 43 0.51
KS1000 DLAWP Purple 38 4.7 1.3 13 0.48
KS1000 DLAWP Red 38 4.7 1.3 25 0.52
KS1000 DLAWP Orange 38 4.7 1.3 33 0.50
KS1000 DLAWP Yellow 38 4.7 1.3 55 0.56
KS1000 DLAWP IR Green 38 4.7 1.3 35 0.40
KS1000 DLAWP IR Blue 38 4.7 1.3 19 0.36

The U-value has been calculated using the method required by the appropraite National Building Regulations. 
Light transmission, according to BS EN 410, is as measured on 600mm x 600mm samples. 
Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC), according to BS EN 410, is the total solar energy that enters the interior of a building. Please contact the Kingspan Technical Services Department for more information. 

CAD details

Kingspan Day-Lite Architectural CAD PDF

BIM Store

Visit the BIM store to download the BIM files for our Kingspan Day-Lite Architectural Wall Lights: KS1000 DLAWP Kingspan Day-Lite Architectural


Kingspan Day-Lite Architectural KS1000 DLAWP NBS

Kingspan Architectural Day Lite Vertical NBS

Kingspan Day-Lite products fully satisfy the internal and external requirements of the National Building Regulations, achieving:
  • Euro Class B (internal);
  • National Class AA and Euro Class BROOF(t4) (external).
All products achieve a minimum classification of B-s2,d0 when tested to EN 13501-1: 2007.

For more information on fire performance please contact


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