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Translucent wall panels are pre-engineered, modular panels that can enhance the natural light emitted into a building. All panels are designed to illuminate any interior space and can also complement the structure and aesthetic of a building. Translucent wall panels can enhance light diffusion and thermal performance in facades, cladding and screen walls. They are extremely versatile and our solutions are available in a range of colours, sizes and fixtures, giving you complete architectural freedom

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Product Dimensions U Value Light Transmittance SHGC (g value) Application
Klick Translucent Wall Panel Available in lenghts up to 12m 0.98 W/m2k 60% (Clear)
49% (Opal)
0.65 (Clear)
0.43 (Opal)
Suitable for vertical applications
Architectural Wall Light Available in lenghts up to 8m 1.3 W/m2k Up to 55% when new as low as 0.36 Suitable for horizontal or vertical application

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