The Benefits of Daylighting

Learn about the Benefits of Daylighting

Benefits of Daylighting
The Kingspan Light + Air team are passionate about maximising the amount of natural light in any given space, and have created this short guide outlining the numerous benefits of natural light, from improved productivity and enhanced wellbeing to creating better learning environments.

There are any numerous reasons why natural light should be incorporated into building design, including a vast body of research outlining tangible, measurable benefits among people living, studying, or working in environments with greater natural light and less reliance on artificial lighting.  
Our guide looks at these benefits and also discusses how increased natural light can be incorportated into the design of any building. You can download a pdf copy below or alternatively read our interactive digital guide (link below)

Download our Benefits of Daylighting Guide (PDF)


The Benefits of Daylighting

Download our guide to find out how natural light can improve productivity, personal wellbeing. learning and much more.

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