Hull College Refurbishment

The Complete Solution Achieved through Collaboration

Executive Summary
When planning the refurbishment of Hull College, one of the UK’s best and largest providers of further and higher education courses with state of the art facilities, it was essential that the exterior aesthetic matched. The 1970s building needed to embrace a modern architectural trend with updated energy efficiency solutions and added health and safety benefits, it was clear that Kingspan Light + Air as part of a complete roof replacement system would offer the best possible solutions to the college’s challenges. With an ambition to embrace as much natural light as possible and to create a well ventilated environment for study, the architect specified Kingspan Light + Air due to its ability to offer a full range of daylighting and ventilation solutions that would adhere to the requirements of the college whilst integrating smoke management.
About Hull College – School of Art and Design
Hull College is one of the largest further and higher education colleges in the country, providing over 1000 courses to over 26,000 students every year. From entry through to master’s level qualifications, Hull College offers students the widest range of technical and professional qualifications in the region. The Hull School of Art and Design was established in 1861 and has since gained a prestigious reputation for being a hub of innovation and creativity. As art and design is quickly becoming an increasingly popular sector, particularly in the Yorkshire region, it was essential that the college had the facilities and infrastructure in place to maintain its reputation and create a safe and comfortable working environment for all current and future staff and students.                                      
As an art and design school it was imperative that the exterior design of the refurbishment was attractive and desirable. In an effort to give the school a fresh and modern look, re-roofing, re-glazing and internal upgrades were incorporated to ensure the school echoed the aesthetics of modern architecture.
In an effort to make the school more sustainable and energy efficient, it turned to daylighting and ventilation solutions to maintain a safe, comfortable and healthy working environment for students, tutors and visitors. The re-design of the roof needed to have health and safety benefits and smoke management solutions, as well as helping to reduce energy consumption.
The Light + Air Solution
Kingspan Light + Air was specifically chosen by the architect as the supplier who could efficiently adhere to the requirements of the facility. With the objective of maximising the benefits of natural light and reducing the energy consumption of the building, whilst achieving Part B compliance, the team implemented 38 Kingspan Classic Skylight Domes to IKO Armourplan P Slate Grey single ply membrane to the 2000m2 roof.
The College benefitted from a fully functioning roofing system, supplied by one single manufacturer, providing the client with a 20 year system guarantee.
Implemented due to its functionality and versatility, Kingspan Classic Skylight Dome was installed with triple skin glazing to help with both insulation and daylighting performance. Including six electric opening ventilation domes and 32 fixed units, the same product was used to tackle two separate challenges, whilst remaining visually consistent.
As a result, the college now has a fully functioning solution to daylighting, natural ventilation, smoke ventilation and waterproofing. The Kingspan Light + Air team played a major part in providing the complete solution to the refurbishment. This has enabled the school to reduce its energy consumption, embrace natural daylight and have a system in place to help with the movement of smoke ventilation should there be a need.
Having the complete system supplied from one single manufacturer, helped to streamline the refurbishment process by ensuring on-time site deliveries and fast installation which created minimal disruption to the school during the process.