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East Preston Infant School

Refurbishment through Collaboration

2018-Kingspan-LA-Classic-domes-East-Preston-Infants-School (3)
Within an educational environment, natural light creates a comfortable space which can have a positive impact on the health and wellbeing of students and staff. When the existing bitumen roof at East Preston Infant School came to the end of its service life, naturally the decision was made to replace the existing roof and upgrade the rooflights. Working in collaboration with IKO, Kingspan Light + Air introduced 23 Kingspan Classic Skylight Domes into the building enabling the school to embrace natural light, ventilation and smoke management performance benefits.
About East Preston Infant School

At East Preston Infant School, children come first. It is an integral part of the school’s ethos to ensure that the transition from home to school is as smooth as possible for all children and that the environment is welcoming, calming and happy. Appreciating the health and wellbeing benefits of natural daylighting, coupled with the need for a roof refurbishment at the school, East Preston Infant School sought to implement a new roof with natural lighting solutions into the educational facility.
Why Kingspan Light + Air?

Initially, another rooflighting brand had been specified by the lead contractor for the refurbishment of East Preston Infant School’s roof. As a result of the partnership between IKO and Kingspan Light + Air, the contractor changed the specification to Kingspan Classic Skylight Domes due to the extended full system guarantee, which would provide the school with peace of mind for both regular and reactive maintenance.

Kingspan Light + Air, working in collaboration with IKO, provided East Preston Infant School with a solution that addressed all performance requirements. Acting as a complete roofing system from one single supplier, the school has confidence in its roofing solution for waterproofing, daylighting, natural ventilation and smoke ventilation.

To maximise on lighting levels and embrace additional performance benefits, 23 Kingspan Classic Skylight Domes were installed across the 912m2 roof. With triple skin glazing and weathering frames, 17 units were installed as fixed, three as manual opening units and three as electrical opening ventilation domes.

As the installation took place in a live school, Kingspan Light + Air and IKO had to manoeuvre health and safety requirements to ensure the safety of both engineers and school attendants. Working with one trusted point of contact, the roof refurbishment was streamlined and therefore completed quickly and efficiently with little disruption to the school.

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