Kingspan Light + Air Perfectly Kaptures Daylighting for Astellas

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Kingspan Light + Air has recently designed and installed a bespoke solution to satisfy the unique and technical requirements of global pharmaceutical company, Astellas Pharma Inc.

About Astellas

Astellas Pharma, one of the world’s top 20 pharmaceutical companies, produces a range of innovative and life-saving treatments for patients around the globe. Recognising the need for expansion, the decision was made to upgrade and extend the company’s Irish manufacturing plant in Kilorglin, Co. Kerry. The new-build looked to incorporate industry best practice design and technologies.

As corporate social responsibility is a cornerstone of the business strategy, driving the inclusion of energy efficient design and sustainability into the construction of the new ARK warehouse was essential. The project successfully achieved LEED gold certification for incorporating sustainable and innovative practices to limit waste and minimise the carbon footprint. 
Why Kingspan Light + Air?

Astellas approached Kingspan Light + Air with a unique proposal for daylighting. Despite wanting to make the most of natural light to help to reduce energy consumption and reap the health and safety benefits of daylight for workers, it became apparent that solar heat gain needed to be controlled to protect the products manufactured at the facility.

Working from the design stage, Kingspan Light + Air provided a detailed technical support using building information modelling to showcase the potential and effectiveness of rooflights in regard to energy efficiency. Following an in-depth review of the proposal, Kingspan Day-Lite Kapture rooflights were installed to maximise the amount of useful daylight in the warehouse, whilst minimising demand for artificial lighting.

Kingspan Light + Air designed a bespoke solution to satisfy the requirements of Astellas. The tripled-glazed rooflight used specially designed polycarbonate layers to maximise light transmission and climate control was also addressed – ensuring that solar heat gain was limited to ensure manufacturing products would not be compromised as a result of the additional light source.

The unique and technical requirements of Astellas Pharma and the seamless and bespoke design and installation completed by Kingspan Light + Air is testament to Kingspan’s commitment to providing efficient daylighting solutions that reflect the clients’ needs. Kingspan Light + Air’s ability to design and create unique solutions to satisfy all specifications demonstrates its dedication to deliver healthy, comfortable and efficient environments in a wide range of applications.
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