Designing Desirable Daylighting

2 September 2019 Kingspan Light + Air
Designing Desirable Daylighting

 The sun is always shining, whether we see it in the UK or not, the sun is a constant. Although previously a rare occurrence, heatwaves and sunny days are becoming increasingly common in the UK, which despite being a welcome surprise for many, isn’t always greeted with open arms in commercial buildings.

Regardless of the weather outside, we still have jobs to do, and if work is in a commercial building with no or poor daylighting solutions, this can create an uncomfortable and difficult working environment for staff and an unattractive space for visitors.

Poor daylighting design can not only impact on the amount of natural light that enters a building, but the solar heat gain can negatively affect the overall space. Solar heat gain is the increase in thermal energy of a space as it absorbs solar radiation – meaning that without appropriate daylighting products, the sunnier it is outside, the warmer, stuffier and more uncomfortable it gets inside.

Daylighting is becoming a focal point in architectural design due to its benefits on the internal space and the health and wellbeing of occupants. Daylighting has the potential to positively affect workers as well as improving levels of productivity. Not only embracing human benefits, implementing appropriate solutions can also help the overall carbon footprint of the building by reducing the number of hours artificial lights are in use.

As specialists in providing clients with daylighting solutions that suit each individual space, at Kingspan Light + Air our products and expertise can ensure a building reaps the benefits of natural light without the worry of solar heat gain.

With a range of daylighting solutions to suit a variety of installations, we can provide clients with climate based daylight modelling to guarantee that the product chosen will deliver optimal performance. New innovative products have low G-values (solar heat gain coefficient) whilst maximising on light transmission and diffusion, exploiting the available natural light without compromising the internal environment.

Helping to create happy and healthy environments, daylighting has an impact on all aspects of a building. By working with a trusted daylighting partner, Kingspan Light + Air can ensure the building reaps the full benefits of natural light all year round.

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