Kingspan Skylight Renovation Set

Kingspan_Renovation_Set_Skylight_ Dome_Safety_Frame_Renovation_Skylight_Base_3D_Image_DE
Upgrading existing skylights to more efficient models is a simple and effective way to introduce more natural light and air into buildings. The Kingspan Skylight Renovation Set can easily be installed on any existing Skylight Base to provide a secure foundation for the new skylight dome.

The Kingspan Skylight Renovation Set comprises of a skylight dome, weathering frame and renovation skylight base

Product Datasheet

Kingspan Skylight Repair Renovation Kit Product Datasheet

Product Information

Additional Accessories
Height: 150 mm.

The Renovation Set can be supplied for all standard Skylight Domes sizes. It is also available in customised sizes, as well as for all third-party products, upon request.

The Weathering Frame

Kingspan_Renovation_Set_Skylight_ Dome_Safety_Frame_Renovation_Skylight_Base_3D_Image_DE
The Weathering Frame for the Classic Skylight Dome series consists of a peripheral, aluminium-reinforced and corner-welded hard uPVC profile that covers the roofing membrane connected to the Skylight Base by 100mm, providing enhanced protection from the weather. The fastening hinges for the Skylight Dome are fully premounted on the Weathering Frame.

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