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Nickel 28

Daylighting Solution for Nickel 28

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Nickel 28 is the name given to a new warehouse/distribution centre strategically located on High View Road in the heart of the popular South Normanton Industrial Area. The Nickel 28 facility features 248,000 ft2 of high bay warehousing accommodation and 12,400 ft2 of office accommodation across two upper floors. Already the home to a number of high profile occupiers, the scheme was built speculatively with an ambition to satisfy the logistical gap and offer occupiers an aesthetically pleasing, robust solution to an effective distribution centre on the M1 corridor.

Why Kingspan Light + Air?

When proposing the architectural design, one key challenge for Nickel 28 was how best to implement effective lighting into the large warehouse facility. Aiming to limit reliance on electric and artificial lighting in an effort to reduce energy consumption, daylighting solutions became a key consideration.
Kingspan Light + Air, understanding the needs of the client, delivered a bespoke solution that satisfied the specific needs of the warehouse facility by helping to maximise on natural lighting. Implementing the Kingspan Day-Lite Kick wall light system horizontally across the loading bays in the warehouse enabled the facility to maximise on natural light without glare.

With a wide range of colours available, Kingspan Day-Lite Kick provides a stylish wall lighting solution, combined with easy installation. At Nickel 28, opal panels were specified to provide an array of performance benefits. The panels, which facilitate a light transmission rate of up to 49%, help to effectively reduce the demand for artificial lighting in the warehouse.

Reducing reliance on artificial lighting supports the wellbeing and productivity of occupants and helps to reduce the overall energy consumption of the building. In addition to the proven health and safety benefits, natural daylighting decreases the number of hours artificial lights need to be operational, ultimately acting as a sustainable and cost-effective solution for the overall carbon footprint of the facility.

By partnering with Kingspan Light + Air, Nickel 28 will reap the benefits of natural daylighting for many years to come. With the standard Kingspan guarantee covering the panels for structural and thermal performance for up to 25 years, the facility has confidence in the fact that its solutions will perform as expected.

Kingspan Light + Air’s ability to deliver bespoke solutions to the requirements of clients is testament to its determination to provide the highest quality of products and services. As a result, the state-of-the-art facility, with its Kingspan Day-Lite Klick wall system, has an exterior aesthetic that is desirable, whilst ensuring the interior is comfortable and healthy.
From a design aspect we wanted to embrace natural daylighting for aesthetic appeal and internal benefits for people working in the building. Working together with Kingspan Light + Air, we were able to develop an effective and structurally sound solution. Day-Lite Klick wall panels allowed us to incorporate daylighting solutions easily with a secret wall like system that was finished flush to the surrounding cladding delivering a modern and premium appearance.

Andrew Rainford, Director at AEW Architects and Designers

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