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ACS Stainless Steel

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After 35 years designing and providing structural building components for the construction industry, market leading manufacturers, ACS Stainless Steel needed a larger facility to house its expanding operations and increasing staff base. The expansion saw a new site purchased on the main transportation link into Leeds, with an ambition to develop a facility that reflected the company’s internal ethos of quality and innovation. With quality at the forefront of its agenda, ACS Stainless Steel chose the complete package and partnered with Kingspan divisions, Kingspan Light + Air and Kingspan Insulated Panels to ensure a quick, yet high-quality construction that was compliant and energy efficient.

The main challenge for ACS Stainless Steel was its dedication to ensuring the new facility was comprised of the best quality products that were sustainably sourced and regularly monitored for quality. Implementing products from one trusted manufacturer into the new facility was part of the ACS’s ambition to seamlessly comply with building regulations, whilst instilling confidence that the solutions will perform as expected with one point of contact for all maintenance. Following a review of the market, ACS chose a blended partnership which embraced a complete Kingspan envelope that would ensure high quality products and solutions that would work together effectively to achieve the facility’s requirements.

At ACS we supply innovative products that are manufactured and tested to the highest standard and wanted our new facility to meet the same criteria. It was important to us to have a coordinated solution that would satisfy our requirements as a manufacturing plant, help us to reduce our carbon footprint and create a comfortable working environment for staff. The blended solution offered by Kingspan met our requirements and as it was supplied by single supplier deliveries, installation issues and waste were minimal, and now we have one point of contact for any ongoing maintenance issues and a building that reflects our core values.

David Flannery, Managing Director of ACS Stainless Steel

The Kingspan Light + Air Solution

Working collaboratively with divisional partner Kingspan Insulated Panels, Kingspan Light + Air used climate based building energy modelling to help ACS Stainless Steel understand the impact the blended products would have on structure, thermal performance and daylighting benefits. From the design stage, it was decided that to ensure efficient construction, Kingspan insulated roof and wall panels would be used alongside Kingspan Day-Lite Kapture rooflights and a smart lighting LED system. Working in collaboration to provide the most energy efficient solution, the coordinated system also reduced the risk of legacy issues in the future as ACS Stainless Steel only has one point of contact for installation and maintenance.

Day Lite Kapture Skylight
Following the installation and construction of ACS’s new facility, the high fabric performance achieved by Kingspan Insulated Panel products, as well as the natural and low-energy lighting system in place from Kingspan Light + Air, ensured that the facility is comfortable, healthy and helps to reduce overall running costs.

The Day-Lite Kapture rooflights are designed to be integrated with all Kingspan insulated roof panels as well as other roof systems. As a result of the partnership between divisions, Kapture rooflights were easily integrated with the trapezoidal roof and helped to fill the internal space with natural light.

The triple-glazed polycarbonate layers, along with the shape of the rooflight, has been specifically designed to capture the maximum level of light. This helps the facility to maximise on both light transmission and diffusion, even at low angles. These rooflights, implemented with a low-energy LED lighting system with energy efficient controls, blend the perfect balance between natural light integration and artificial lighting. Not only does this help to reduce overall running costs, as the energy efficient controls monitor when the lights can be reduced or turned off, but it also allows workers at the facility to benefit from natural daylighting, which is known to have health and safety benefits and to increase productivity.
ACS Steel Leeds

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