Strip Door

Cost effective end-of-aisle solution

ContainAire® Strip Doors close the end of aisles to fully separate hot and cold exhaust airflow. The overlapping vinyl design improves air sealing performance and minimises leakage. Our strip doors have the exciting advantage of being able to be adjusted at any location using our unique Pivot and Grip installation method, saving both time and money. The strip doors can be assembled and installed without tools, making them extremely user friendly.

Ceiling hung, the UL listed fire suppression links have a temperature release point of 57°C to allow the partition segments to fall in the case of high temperature or fire. Available in several different heights, our ContainAire strip door gives greater efficiency when sealing your hot or cold aisle.

ContainAire Strip Door

Key Performance Characteristics

  • Unique Pivot and Grip installation method for vinyl allows for any location any time installation or adjustment
  • Modular design (field adjustable)
  • UL listed fusible links
  • 360 degree ceiling attachment
  • Overlapping vinyl
  • Temperature release point
  • Tool less Assembly

Cleaning Instructions

Vinyl treated with an anti-static finish may, over time, experience what is known as plasticizer migration and develop a cloudy residue. This is a natural occurrence and can be removed by cleaning the vinyl with soap (Dawn) and water.

For regular cleaning and upkeep when no residue is present you may use a standard off-the-shelf cleaning product such as Windex.

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