Soft Partition

Quick and easy installation

The unique connection design and overlapping curtains provide a seamless partition, resulting in an improved containment system. Increased flexibility, no tools required for installation, and a competitive price make these partitions the premier choice for hot and cold aisle applications.

ContainAire Soft Partition

Key Performance Characteristics

  • Unique Pivot and Grip installation method for vinyl allows for any location any time installation or adjustment
  • Modular design (field adjustable)
  • Overlapping design for improved air sealing
  • 360 degree mounted fire suppression link equipped hanger
  • UL listed Fusible Links

Cleaning Instructions

Vinyl treated with an anti-static finish may, over time, experience what is known as plasticizer migration and develop a cloudy residue. This is a natural occurrence and can be removed by cleaning the vinyl with soap (Dawn) and water.

For regular cleaning and upkeep when no residue is present you may use a standard off-the-shelf cleaning product such as Windex.

Product Resources & Downloads

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ContainAire Soft Partition Corner Detail (PDF)

ContainAire Soft Partition Corner Detail (CAD)

ContainAire Soft Partition Corner Specification

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