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The all round steel contruction includes Patented, intermingled airflow vanes for directional airflow. With a 32% open area protected from corrosion by anti-static Sparklite white powder coat finish. Designed to fit Kingspan access floor systems.
DirectPerf angles the airflow toward the server rack to significantly improve energy efficiency and reduce bypass air. DirectPerf provides nearly the same cooling capacity as a standard open area grate using about half the airflow. The panel is designed with a unique combination of directional and vertical perforations which provides evenly distributed air flow across the entire face of a typical 2m IT rack.
Tested in accordance with EN13264 for ventilation for buildings. Floor mounted air terminal devices.

Direct Perf Datasheet

Direct Perf

Product information

Key performance characteristics
System performance
Panel fire performance
Electrical conductivity performance
Airflow performance
  • Open area delivers 529 L/s @ 25 Pa when installed without a damper.
  • Directional air flow achieves a 88% Capture Index.
  • Cools up to 8kW per rack at 25 Pa.
  • Can save over 40% in annual fan energy savings.
  • Easily integrates into an existing 600mm raised floor systems.
Thickness 35.5mm Nominal
System Weight 25.5kg/m2 Without stringer
30.5kg/m2 With stringer
Panel Size 600mm x 600mm
Compatible Panel Thickness 35.5mm (min)
Panel Weight 8.85kg
Core Material Powder coated steel
Category Loose lay
Airflow 88% capture index
Concentrated Load 3kN
Safety Factor 9
Rolling Load 2kN
Impact Load 40kg
Fire Class Class A non-combustible material
SparkLite anti-static powder coating. 25,000 to 20,000,000,000 ohms when tested at 500 volts per NFPA 99
Total Volume (l/s) 50 100 150 200 250 300 350 400 450 500 Capture Index
No Damper <1.0 <1.0 1.7 3.1 5.0 7.3 10.1 13.4 17.2 21.4 88%
Opposed Blade Damper 100% Open <1.0 <1.0 2.1 3.7 5.9 8.6 11.9 15.6 19.9 24.8
Opposed Blade Damper 0% Open 4.6 17.3 37.3 64.5 >70 >70 >70 >70 >70 >70
Jet Velocity (m/s) 0.43 0.87 1.30 1.74 2.17 2.60 3.04 3.47 3.91 4.34  

Further information
Stringers are recommended for us with Airflow panels, Side channels are avaiable in a variety of heights to match adjacent solid panels.
For optional additional airflow control a Multi-zone Opposded Blade Damper can be added to this system.

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