Hard Partition

Versatile and customisable

Tate ContainAire® Hard Partitions are an exciting alternative to traditional soft partitions. Constructed of aluminium, with several finish options, the partitions can be customised to seal numerous gap sizes and areas. Designed to be used in either hot or cold aisles, ContainAire Hard Partitions are custom sized for every job to ensure air leakage is minimised. Lightweight, cost effective and attractive looking, ContainAire Hard Partitions come pre-assembled with supplied brackets for quick and easy installation.

ContainAire Hard Partition

Key Performance Characteristics

  • Pre-assembled for easy installation
  • Modular design (all parts screw together)
  • Transparent or semi-transparent panel
  • Compression gaskets efficiently seal and minimise air leakage

Product Resources & Downloads

ContainAire Hard Partition Datasheet

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