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Product Highlights

  • Air tightness:  Panel joint air tightness of 0.02m3/hr/m2 @50Pa.
  • Panel thickness: from 80mm to 220mm.
  • Width:  from 250mm to 1200mm.
  • Environmental: Fully compliant with ISO 9001 (Quality), ISO 14001 (Environmental) and OHSAS 18001 (Health & Safety).
  • Service: 3D design service.
  • Guarantee: Guaranteed for thermal and structural performance through the Kingspan Guarantee.
UltraBox is specifically designed to provide flexible walk-in coldroom solutions for retail, food service and climatic test chamber applications, and offers the only LPCB and FM approved walk-in coldroom system available on the market.

Kingspan UltraBox Brochure

Kingspan Controlled Environments Ultrabox Image


These modular units can be custom-built to your requirements or bought "off the shelf" in a range of sizes. Delivered as flat pack walk in coldrooms, these units combine very high levels of guaranteed performance with ease of assembly and a fully supported fast track service.

Technical Information

Product Information
Colours and coatings

Kingspan UltraBox Brochure

Optimum performance is a basic yet fundamental priority in controlled environments.  Since controlling the precise temperature of a room can be up to 10 times more expensive than heat energy, it is necessary to use the most energy efficient insulation possible to reduce energy costs. PIR (Polyisocyanurate) insulation offers the best thermal performance of any coldstore insulating material on the market.

The insulated panels used in Kingspan’s UltraBox walk-in coldrooms have an ECOsafe, environmentally-sustainable PIR insulation core which has a low Global Warming Potential (GWP).  These panels are also non-deleterious and highly resistant to moisture ingress, chemicals, solvents, mould and bacterial growth.

We offer two UltraBox systems:

  • Continuous - panels are supplied with rebated corners.
  • Camlock - panels are manufactured with camlocks for easy assembly.

External Colour Coatings

All Temperature Controlled Systems products are covered by the Ultimate Panel Guarantee. Please contact the Kingspan Technical Services Department for more information.

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