UltraTech Versatile Semi-Flush Doors


UltraTech semi-flush doors have been created for cleanroom environments that require semi-flush integrations

  • Door types: Single leaf, double leaf and sliding door
  • Fixing detail:  Semi flush
  • Metal type: Stainless steel hinges, handles, door look and recessed drop-seal
  • Cores: QuadCore / MF Core.
  • Blade Thickness: 40/60/80mm
  • Wall Thickness:  50 - 220mm
  • Sizes: A range of sizes available on request
  • Product compatibility: Compatible with the entire UltraTech Versatile System
  • Air leakage: +50Pa positive pressure 3.2m³/h/m² & -50Pa negative pressure 4.1m³/h/m²
  • Optional: double-glazed flush vision panel, electromagnetic lock, emergency door, interlocking system. See technical details for full range of additional features


Door Types

Door Interlocking System

Our door interlocking system is compatible with our single and double leaf doors

The system ensures that there is at least one locked door between the internal and external cleanroom environment. The system can be integrated with our single leaf, double leaf and sliding doors.
  1. As many doors as necessary can be interlocked when used in conjunction with additional identical controllers
  2. Red and Green LED indicator/ push buttons which are integrated into each door frame. 
  3. Flush fitting
  4. No fixing screws
  5. Sealed to IP65
  6. Emergency release function
Kingspan Controlled Environments Cleanrooms Ultra Tech Versatile Brochure

UltraTech Versatile Brochure

Technical & Downloads

Please contact our technical department to request installation instructions for this product.
Tel: +44 (0)800 587 0090
Email: technical@kingspanpanels.com

Contact technical@kingspanpanels.com to request the CAD Details for this product.

Please contact our technical department to request the product data sheet for this product.
Tel: +44 (0)800 587 0090
Email: technical@kingspanpanels.com

Push Buttons

Operational Voltage 12v DC
Material Polyester fascia, aluminium chassis
Dimensions 135mm x 28mm
Weight 0.14kg (master and slave)
IP Rating IP65
Approvals CE marked and RoHs compliant
Achieving up to 1000KG of shear holding capability, this Shearlock also has a good tolerance to door misalignment.
The lock fully monitors the door position and switches a clean change over relay when the lock is confirmed to be locked.

A secondary magnetic reed contact is also integral to the Shearlock. This contact allows the lock to be used in “normally open” doors as well as “normally closed” doors within interlocking systems, without the need for a separate door contact to be fitted to the door and frame.
  • Compact 30mm wide x 100mm long
  • Up to 1000Kg shear force
  • No loss of headroom
  • Operates on 12vdc
  • 1.5A pull in for 2 seconds
  • 0.5A continuous hold
  • Monitored as standard
  • Secondary integral reed contact
  • Good misalignment tolerance


Planet Passionate
Planet Passionate
Through our new Planet Passionate 10-year groupwide sustainability programme, we aim to make significant advances in the sustainability of our business and of our products.