Cleanroom Systems

Our UltraTech cleanroom solutions are designed for both flexibility and economy.

With a choice of two interchangeable systems, we offer customisable solutions for your specific cleanroom environment requirements and aspirations. Designs and materials depend on the application specified and special processes which need to be incorporated. We offer anti-bacterial coatings, fibre-free cores and enhanced fire performance.

QuadCore - Next Generation Technology

QuadCore's grey microcells power the industry’s highest combined performance in fire protection, thermal efficiency and environmental credentials.The core is certified to FM4882 (KS1100UT-S) in smoke sensitive occupancies. Our 40 year thermal and structural panel guarantee offers you peace of mind for the entire lifecycle of your cleanroom.

Kingspan Controlled Environments Case Study Book ST JAMES HOSPITAL IE Image

Global Case Study Book

Our brand new global case study book is now available to download, featuring projects from around the globe. Click here to download.