Facades Technical Services

Facades Technical Services

Our Technical Services Team are here to assist

Home working? Restricted access policies? Our Technical Services can be reached via telephone and email, we can also organise video conferencing through Kingspan's video conferencing facilities

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  • Project Design Support (Review and comment on project details)
  • Typical and project performance requirements (Acoustic / Thermal / Fixings - Structural)
  • Specification options (Material, product, performance criteria for your project)
  • Remote Site Service (Comment on installation queries)
  • Fire Performance
  • Durability

Virtual Tech

Project Design Support

Detailing can make or break the final performance of a building, so it’s crucial for architects to get right. Understanding the correct configuration of the different elements of a facade and how they should interact at junctions and openings can be complicated. This is why our technical team are at hand to review and comment on project details, to make sure your design lives up to your vision.

Performance Requirements

It isn’t just detailing that can get complicated. As well as complying with building regulations, every project has its own specific set of requirements to meet the clients’ needs and aspirations. We can offer remote technical support to discuss everything you need to achieve the relevant thermal, acoustic, fire and structural performance requirements of your facade design.

Specification Support

From colour, shape and texture to selecting the right insulation options - facade design involves many different elements where you may need guidance on what is available, and the benefits of these solutions. Our technical team can help advise on the best all round solution for your facade system, including meeting those all-important performance and regulatory criteria.

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