Kingspan Evolution used on a residential project

Maison IF

A residential property has been given a contemporary lift thanks to its fine and modern lines.

The Project

The IF project is a detached house project with an industrial design. In terms of aesthetics, a smooth and metallic effect was recommended for the design. 


Completion Date:
QuadCore® Evolution Recess
Sector :
Jean-Luc Frenoy architecte

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Elegance and aesthetics

Maison IF Evolution Recess
The architect opted for Evolution Recess insulating sandwich panels that ensures a modern design with a functional advantage due to their optimal thermal properties. Evolution Recess insulating sandwich panels have been favoured over traditional insulation panels because it achieves perfect airtightness whilst achieving a unique look, an ideal solution from an aesthetic, technical and economic point of view.

The combination of the corner panels and the varying widths of the panels creates different interesting features to the different openings of the building whilst maintaining a clean effect. 

Maison IF Evolution Recess

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